Creative storage and furniture solutions for small spaces

The more free floor space the eye meets, the more spacious your room seems. Try not to use up precious floor space putting up furniture. Rather have your furniture arranged along the perimeter of the room. Go creative with the space beneath your window to build a seating area, use colored chairs with slender legs- you can see the floor through such chairs and it gives an illusion of more free space. Consider mounting the TV on the wall, attach a small shoe cabinet at one corner of the wall, to keep scattered shoes from eating into floor space- if you have kids who possess shoes in every style and color, you’ll know why this is ultra important!

Don’t block view lines

Rather than buying regal sofa sets with plump armrests that immediately block vision, choose slender airy pieces that allow more visual freedom. When you’re choosing center tables or dining tables for instance, go for the ones with a glass top that let you see through. Consider open sided display shelves to put up tiny showpieces and adornments. Always choose light color furniture- it plays on the eyes!

Discover furniture in new avatars

Use conventional furniture in unconventional ways. Pull up the garden bench at the dinner table for extra seating or have your bedside table double up as your laptop desk. An ottoman can make a great coffee table or make-up seat in front of the mirror. Using furniture in multiple ways ensures you have less pieces of furniture in the house and use them optimally.

Shift emphasis

If your horizontal space is small, why not emphasize the vertical. Hang draperies like window curtains a height above the window, probably just below the ceiling beams and let them graze the floor or hover an inch above. That way you’re increasing the vertical spectrum of vision, inviting the eye to move up and down sight-level. By over-emphasizing one dimension, you can well camouflage the other.

Explore smart storage ideas

Smart storage is an imperative to keep small apartments tidy and organized. Take a look at some of the storage solutions below:

Storage ideas for small spaces

Consider collapsible furniture like collapsible bookshelves or expanding tables that serve multiple purposes but take up less space. Also look out for transforming furniture like wall beds that can function as comfortable sofa sets, desks or shelves by day and double up as beds at night.

Storage ideas for closets

You can use the back side of your closet door to hang items that are frequently used. Make use of sticker-hooks, plastic holders or one over-the-door hook can help you store lots. Fix a pole a few inches up the bottom of the door, and you can use it to hang your baby’s socks, scarves and other knick-knacks.

Storage ideas for small bedrooms

Bedrooms, especially kids’ bedrooms can get very messy with paint, pencils, crayons, accessories, stockings, shoes and a zillion other tit-bits spilling all over. Pay attention to surfaces. Keep them organized by having small trays exclusively for erasers, sticky notes, paper clips, accessories, jewelry etc. and arrange them on a bigger tray on the table to de-clutter the room. If you’re considering a study table, explore a collapsible wooden plank attached to one of the walls instead of a conventional study table-chair combo.

Storage ideas in small bathrooms

One classic idea is to use up the space below the washbasin to build cabinets for your towels and toiletries. If you want a mirror above the wash-basin, build a small cabinet that can hold your toiletries (don’t overlook those precious extra inches on the backside of the cabinet door and have a mirror fixed on the outer (front) side of it.

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