Coping with divorce depression

Coping with divorce can be difficult and unsettling. Divorce emotions typically are a mix of grief, loneliness, insecurity and stress. It might feel like gathering up bits and pieces of what you may best see as a scattered life, and move on, because you have no other option. But remember, life doesn’t come to a halt. Despite how bad you may feel at the moment, life can be brighter than you imagined- you only need to turn away from your past and into a happier tomorrow. Here are some ways to deal with divorce grief and depression.

Ways to cope with divorce depression

Allow yourself time to heal

However bad your marriage was, it does have some memories that are close to you. Even when you separate mutually, there are certain losses that leave you heartbroken. Allow yourself to grieve. Suppressing the emotions does aonly as much as pushing them into the subconscious. Rather, let them out. It is unrealistic to get over a divorce in a few days or weeks- it may take years. Time really is the best healer.

Let yourself loose for some time

When dealing with divorce stress, accept that you may not be at your productive best at the workplace or other home chores. It’s ok to be not perfect at times. Just give yourself a break and allow some time for your emotional self to come together.

Talk to others

Isolation can make things worse for you. Talk to close friends or family or people who’ve gone through similar situations.

Take care of yourself

When the mind faces extreme stress, you may tend to turn away from yourself. Don’t! Punishing yourself for a marriage that went wrong is no good. Take care of your physical and emotional being. Eat healthy, take proper rest, read good books, watch shows you enjoyed, distract yourself by engaging in a hobby or pay a visit to an orphanage or an old age home- anything you like and find soothing.

Don’t indulge in self-destructive habits

Do not let yourself be allured by alcohol, smoking or any other form of substance abuse. Inflicting harm on yourself does not solve any problem- it only compounds them.

Avoid altercations with your (ex)-spouse

If you find an argument heating up, walk away or hang up. Don’t get into arguments with your ex. You need peace.

Write a goodbye letter

It takes courage to write one. But once you’ve written it, you are actually confronting everything that’s no longer going to be the same- seeing kids every day, picking them up from school, putting up with your partner’s annoying habits and so on. Read it, discuss with your counselor, if you’re approaching one and then destroy it. You’ll see how much more at peace you are with your current situation.

Explore suppressed interests and hobbies

Explore latent talents or dormant interests- things about yourself you changed because your spouse never liked it- maybe gardening, painting, dancing, anything!

Write out how you want your life to be one year from now

Think positively and write out how you imagine your life one year from now. Where do you want to live, work, be around with- everything. That’s the first step to a positive start!

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