Cooling sunstroke symptoms

Summer brings along with it many problems both health and skin problems. The UV rays emitted during this season are more powerful and so come with high intensity. However one common problem during summer is sunstroke.

What is sunstroke?

When the body is exposed to too much heat the body temperature rises and during this situation the body cannot tolerate the increased temperature and can also not receive natural temperature that cools the body as a result giddiness will set in. This situation is generally called as sunstroke. This can at times be very dangerous if left as such so getting first aid as soon as that along with timely medical intervention is very important.

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Symptoms of sunstroke:

  • Body temperature rises.
  • Body gets dehydrated when water content in the body reaches lowest ebb.
  • Decreased rate of heart beat.
  • Frequent urination and the color of urine changes to yellow.
  • Giddiness.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Headache.
  • Increased respiration.
  • Losing control over body and mind.

These in general are symptoms and signs of sunstroke.

Primary treatment for sunstroke:

  • As soon as a person is affected with sunstroke. Shift the person to shade and loose the clothes present on him/her.
  • See to that proper ventilation and air are present.
  • If the patient is conscious provide glass of water or butter milk by adding little salt and lime juice.
  • Place a cloth dipped in water on the body of the patient.
  • Once the patient becomes a bit normal. Feed the patient with curd rice by adding onion slices to it and take to hospital as soon as possible.

Precautions to take to stop sunstroke:

1) As soon as you sense sunstroke symptoms drink a glass of water with little salt or buttermilk with salt and lemon juice. This will make up the loss for lost salts in the body and will also hydrate the body.

2) In case your profession demands more exposure to sun or roaming all through the day, then compulsorily eat curd rice or some other foods that are rich in water content.

3) Keep resting the body under cool shade every now and then when the temperatures are peak high.

4) Keep drinking fruit juices and eating fruits often.

5) Always keep a water bottle handy and keep sipping.

6) Protect the body by wearing clothes that cover the maximum body.

7) Drink cold water in place of normal water.

8) If possible keep off from roaming in the sun and carry on your works in the evening or early hours of the day when the sun’s heat is not so high.

Follow these and you can easily fight back sunstroke.

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