Cool everyday gadgets to carry

The age is of technology and its usage has reached a point which we have never thought of. Each and every minute in a day we depend on technology to make the lives comfortable. Here are some everyday usable gadgets to make life easier.

Withings Pulse:-

It is an activity tracker and monitors the amount of calories burnt along with noting down the heart beat count per minute. It can also be used along with Android or iPhones to know health statistics even better. It can be used as a heart rate sensor. On more advantage of this smart gadget is it can be used to measure the sleep cycles so that we can know the duration of deep sleep, light sleep and awake. Withings Pulse tracks the transition of sleep progress.

Nest Learning Thermostat:-

It is used to reduce the electric bill by controlling the thermostat and it is one of the most sought after smart gadget by Google. It has Wi-Fi radio and 3 temperature sensors that come in-built. It can be clubbed with other wi-fi streaming sources. The important function of it is to control and monitor all the equipments controlled by thermostat. It has an algorithm that aids in monitoring all the devices controlled by it.

iPad Mini along With Retina Display:-

This is equipped with good amount of internal storage along with an improvised screen. Though it is a bit costlier when compared to Kindle Fire HDX of Amazon and Nexus 7 of Google, it is worth it due to its sophisticated features. For sure it is going to find its place in evergreen gadgets list.

Misfit Wearables Shine:-

It is also an activity tracker and monitors sleep. This smart activity tracker is designed stylishly and cab be sported in lot many different ways. It is just perfect for everyday use since it is non-intrusive and small. It depends on iOS systems for synching statistics with user’s phone. It has an amazing battery life and can be used for 4 months at a stretch.


Waterpebble monitors the flow of water from the shower along with letting us know when to step out from shower. Waterpebble can be programmed to set the length of time that we desire to bathe. It helps in saving money, time and more importantly water.

Mophie Space Pack:-

This acts in three ways: charger, storage provider and third is-it can as well be used as a case for iPhone. There is actually nothing that is more convenient and comfortable than this. It increases battery life by nearly 100 percent to normal duration. By using free Space Pack application one can get extra memory using this smart gadget.

Logitech Powershell:-

This is the unsurpassed gaming controller designed for iPhone till date. It has rubbery surface thereby making it easy to hold and it is also very compact and can be stored easily.

So going by this hope we have advised you on what to buy to make your life more comfy.

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