Controlling diabetes is all in your hands

With every passing day diabetic patients too are growing. The reasons are many for this growing numbers. Diabetes can be kept in check only by following good lifestyle which includes proper diet, regular workouts and maintenance of proper mental peace. Here are the effective natural ways to control diabetes.

First let us see the foods to eat with diabetes and foods not to eat with diabetes.

General Food guidelines: Let us see the list of different foods to eat and also in what quantities they should be taken. While taking food one important thing to do to control diabetes is to feed the stomach with fewer carbohydrates. Foods such as rice and other fat foods should be avoided. When consuming non-vegetarian foods every care should be taken to see to that the food quantity that we stuff in does not give more than 20 to 30 percent calories of energy. In the same way fatty foods that we take should not give us more than 20 to 25 percent of energy. It is also good to divide the meal into four or five parts.

Fruits to be taken: Apple, Orange and Papaya are the best fruits to take with diabetes.

Fruits not to be taken: Mango, banana, Sapodilla and sugar apple or sweetsop should be avoided. These fruits have high sugar content.

Vegetables to be taken: Garlic, onion, bitter guard, curry leaf are few of the vegetables to be taken.

Amount of fiber and salt content: Every care should be taken to see to that the food we take has at least 30 to 40 grams of fiber in it. The amount of salt intake per day should be limited around 6 to 8 grams. This quantity should be followed without fail if you have blood pressure in addition to diabetes. As per recent studies conducted in UK controlling blood pressure indirectly helps in controlling diabetes.

Amount of oil intake: As far as oils are considered it is better to use 30 percent sunflower oil and 70 percent groundnut oil.

All in all your one square meal should have a cup of carbohydrate item say for example rice, two cups of vegetables. And also eating less and eating on time are very important to control diabetes.

Physical activity: All your diet control will go in vein when it is not coupled with proper physical activity. Make it a rule to exercise at least for half an hour to an hour each day. Morning hours are the best to carry on exercises. If you are too lazy to do aerobics at least spare your body to have brisk walk every day. Games such as tennis, badminton and swimming too are good options. In case you have kidney and heart problems take the advice of your doctor.

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