Control child fights with these easy tips

Child management is an art and to know how to control and keep children in order is very difficult. When you have two or more children then it becomes even more difficult to keep them calm and away from fighting. Children are sensitive and their anger rises even for petty reasons. Managing them when they get into a fight for some reason can be hectic for any parent. Here are few tips for parents to control fighting amongst the kids.

1. The best way to avoid tussles among children is to explain clearly why they should not fight. Develop habits among them that don’t lead to friction. Train the elder child to take complete responsibility of the younger one. This way the elder one will understand that his/her duty is the safety of younger one. Also, inculcate the habit of respecting the elder children in your younger kids.

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2. Share the responsibility with your children. Don’t leave anything that can develop affection and nearness between them. Say for instance you deluge few small tasks to the elder child such as dressing the younger ones, feeding and also keeping the little one busy by playing.

3. It is not only the children who are responsible for brawls between them even parents can be the cause. As a parent, you should know what to do and what not to keep the friction away amongst the children. Children don’t like a comparison between them and as a parent when you do that you are directly hurting them and igniting tussle. Keep this in mind, the lesser you compare and make negative statements the better the relationship between your kids will be.

4. Don’t take sides when children fight. Be neutral and play neutral. When children aged lesser than 12 begin to fight be a passive player and judge the reasons and evade the fight. If your children are above 12 you should be even more careful and explain why as siblings you should not fight.

5. Let your children know that you don’t encourage fights between them. Be clear and send stern signals to them. Let them know that fighting amongst them is nothing but asking for a trouble. This the best way to avoid brawls and in case they enter into brawls also they won’t get them turn into serious kind.

6. As a parent, one more tip you should do is to secretly warn the child who has done some kind of mischief. Warning children in front of all will make them stubborn and more violent.

7. Specify items and things to each child. Many a times sharing of playthings, eatables and also books is the main reason for tensions among children.

Keep all these in mind and solving fight among children becomes easy and you will never ask how to stop children fighting.

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