Complete guide to make a perfect kitchen garden

It would be difficult for us to have a garden full of plants and greenery when we are staying in apartments. But many of us wish we have some kind of plants and greenery to some extent. Don’t worry about less space and start using it to a maximum by developing kitchen garden in the small spaces available at balcony, terrace, and windows and also grill. Here we go with easy kitchen garden ideas to grow it.

What kind of soil should be used for kitchen plants?

The best way to make soil for kitchen gardens is to mix 1 part of porous mix, 2 parts of red soil, and 1 part of fertilizers. Red soil can easily be got from nurseries. You can make porous mix by mixing mud pot pieces, mud brick powder, and coconut coir. Cow dung should be used as fertilizer.

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Choosing plant pots:

•    The plant pot should be made of soil and should have water drain. You can use old buckets, tyers and wooden boxes as pots.

•    For planting green leafy vegetables use trays, and square shaped pots. These should have at least 6 inches deep.

•    If you wish to grow fruit plants then the pot should be 12 inches in length and 16 inches in breadth. The pot you choose should also be 8-10 inches deep.

•    The kitchen garden layout for vegetable plants such as beetroot and carrot, the depth of the pots should be 12 inches.

How to choose seeds:

•    Purchase the seeds from either nurseries or you can get them by drying the vegetables.

•    If you wish to have organic seeds you can get them from farmers or seed banks.

•    You should develop the seeds in small pots and shift the plants to bigger pots after they reach sustainable stage.

•    Cleanse the seeds well before planting.

How to plant seeds?

•    Make small holes in a paper cup or small pot and fill it with red soil.

•    Make sure that you plant only 2 seeds in one pot.

•    Dig out the soil to place the seeds and cover them with soil.

•    Once planting of seeds is completed, pour sufficient water to soak entire soil present in the pot.

•    Kitchen garden design is never complete without the placement of the pots where there is sufficient sunlight.

•    Allow the plants to grow in the same pot for minimum 4 weeks.

•    Once the plant starts growing 3rd leaf shift the plant to a bigger pot and keep watering it both in the mornings and evenings.

Precautions to take for kitchen garden plants:

Every care should be taken with the kitchen garden as the plants are too sensitive when compared to other kinds of plants. Keep spraying natural pesticides such as Neem oil every month. Different types of plants should be placed at different places. This way you can keep the insects at bay.

Follow all these kitchen garden tips and suggestions for good and healthy kitchen garden.

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