Complete beauty tips for summer

Makeup tips should differ with changing seasons then alone they will look good and last long. With changing season, every care should be taken to change the makeup tips. The makeup tips you follow in winter and rainy seasons are different to what you follow in the summer season. Oily skin people should be more careful during summer and take proper makeup tips for efficacy of makeup then alone makeup goes well in this season. Here are few makeup tips for people to follow in the summer season.

•    People having oily and greasy skin should be more careful with makeup in summer season. Every care should be taken to clean the skin and more importantly the face at proper intervals. Any negligence can lead to blemishes and pimples as sweating is severe in this season. When you don’t wipe off sweat at proper intervals, the face gets accumulated with dust; this will again lead to some other skin complications. More importantly the face goes dull and loses it’s shine.

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•    Many of us are under the impression that applying face powder in summers will keep the face fresh. Though true it should be avoided as powder will lead to more perspiration. This is one makeup tip for oily skin people to follow without fail.

•    As far as using moisturizer is concerned, be very careful in choosing it. Prefer oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin and oil filled one if you have dry skin.

•    One more essential beauty tip to follow as far as summer skin care tip is concerned for any skin type is to keep blotting paper always with you wherever you go. It is highly useful for cleansing off the oil and dust from skin. Wipe the face as often or when you feel it has accumulated oil to keep the face and skin fresh.

•    It is always better not to use shimmer in this season.

•    As far as eye makeup in the summer is concerned it is always better to let off smokey eye makeup and prefer eye shadows. Though smokey makeup goes well in other seasons it is not preferable in the summer.

•    Prefer waterproof mascara, this will save your eyes from the problems that arise due to sweating.

•    Choosing a shadow that goes with your skin color should be preferred.

•    People with heavy sweating nature should go with light makeup or else makeup will get diluted and lead to some other problems.

•    Blushing too can be done away in case you think you can go blushless.

•    Whatever the season it is, be careful with lips. Apply petroleum jelly first and lipstick next. Doing so will keep the lips petal soft. It even adds shine to lips.

Follow these tips and dazzle in beauty in summers.

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