Common reasons for hair fall in men and women

Hair is the indication of health and beauty. The unhealthier your hair is the unhealthier and unbeautiful you are. We are not saying this, the medical science says this. One of the signs of unhealthy hair is regular hair fall. Dejectedly the modern age is more favorable for hair fall. Both the genders are increasingly facing this problem without concern of age one has.

Hair fall is one problem that brings down the confidence of any person along with giving odd looks. Anyways there are many homeopathic treatments available that cure the problem to the root. We shall see them and save our hair.

Let us see the hair construction first to understand the problem. In general, the human head has nearly 0.1 millions of hair. The part where the hair begins is known as hair follicle. Single hair follicle in a lifetime will grow nearly 20 to 30 hairs. Each hair’s life span normally is 3 to 5 years. The hair follicle will begin from the second layer of the skin known as dermis. Each hair forms in three layers, which are called as the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. The strength of the hair depends on the cortex. The stronger the cortex is, the stronger the hair will be.

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Knowing now the structure and life cycle of hair, we shall now know about the different stages of hair growth cycle. Normally there are 3 stages and are as follows.

•    Anagen:

This is the stage where the hair growth is very high. The Anagen phase is from 2 to 6 years.

•    Catagen:

This is the second stage and the hair stops growing. This phase is generally seen for 2 to 3 weeks.

•    Telogen:

This is the final phase and the hair starts to fall at this stage. This is in general seen for 2 to 3 months.

Now we shall know the causes of hair fall. These are normally divided into four.

Reasons for hair fall in men:

Hereditary causes and genes play a major role in men. The other reasons include anxiety, stress, dandruff, and psoriasis on the head, thyroid problems, typhoid, and also the cosmetics such as colors used on the head. A hormone called as Dihydrotestosterone will also have its effect on hair fall.

Causes of hair fall in women:

Hair fall is normal after head bath while combing. Along with this, even hormone and thyroid imbalances can also cause hair fall. Menses, anemia, depression and anxiety are also the causes of hair fall in women.

Lie bite:

This can be the cause of hair fall for both women and men in the same way.

Reasons for complete hair fall:

In few people, we can see complete hair fall on the head and also the complete fall of hair brows. The reason till now is not scientifically known.

Irrespective of all these homeopathy has good treatments. Concern a good homeopathy doctor and get your remedies.

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