Common allergens to look out for

Allergens are objects present in environment that leads to allergic reaction by the body’s immune system. What, how many and what degree of allergic reaction these allergens trigger is different for each person. But with the environment getting more and more polluted and foods becoming more and more toxic, coming generations have seen a significant increase in the number of allergic patients. Data shows that in America alone one in every five person is suffering from some or the other kind of allergy.  To have a better life, proper allergy management is necessary which can be done successfully only when someone is aware of his/her own allergy. Here is the list of the common allergens that are being found in our population and which can cause life-threatening consequences.

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Pollen: Causing mild to life threatening allergies, pollen grains from plants cause respiratory disorders. These allergies cause hay fever, asthma, infections and other respiratory disorders especially during spring to autumn time. This is the time when the plants are booming and pollens get inhaled by us.

Nuts: In this segment it is peanut which tops the slot when it comes to nut allergies which are the most common allergens found in the American subcontinent. Peanut allergies have been found to be the major cause for anaphylactic shock amongst adults and children. What increases the risk is that peanut is being used in many beauty and food products as a thickener.

Pet hair: Pet hair is covered with an oil and protein which is secreted by their body for their protection against heat and infection. It is this that makes pet hair a common allergen leaving the sufferer with watery eyes, swollen face and runny nose.

Shell fish: Unlike other allergies, this one can develop during later part of life. The sufferer must keep away from all kinds of shellfish including lobsters, shrimp and crabs et al to be able to have full protection.  Also, one needs to look out for any kind of contamination that may take place in food centers.

Eggs: Of late there has been an alarming increase in the number of people suffering from egg allergies. It is the kids who are most affected by it and what makes it even more dangerous is that eggs are being used in immunization and some important medicines as well.

Dust mites: Next most common allergen as far as children are concerned is dust mites. It is tough to stay away from them because dust is present almost everywhere. What makes it gross is the fact that human body is not allergic to dust mites but their excreta.

Milk: Also called lactose intolerance, there are more people suffering from it than we can imagine. In some cases, people are allergic to all kinds of dairy products and in some cases it is just plain milk.

Wheat: It is very unfortunate and risky for a person who is suffering from wheat allergy. Wheat is used in many ways from simple bread to possibly the shampoo that we use.

Trying to stay away from these allergens is the means for allergy management.

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