Color therapy: The colorful way to get healthy

Color therapy has been used since ages to affect the mental conditions. It has first found its place in Egypt. As per scientists different colors have different effects on a person’s mind and emotional thinking. They have also said that each person responds differently for different colors. Generally some colors have positive effects and some have negative effects on thought process. The colors can as well say about our nature. Even the dress colors can affect our moods. Let us now see each color and its affect on humans. Here we go with the effects of colors on the brain.

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Red: This color brings liveliness and activeness.  It connotes boldness, stability, energy, focused mind, attentiveness and also creativity. This color even has the tendency to increase hunger levels. But too much using of red color can lead to uneasiness, short temper and also an enmity feeling within self.

Orange: This color will also affect mental balance. It increases happiness and winning chances. It also enhances the nature of being friendly with others apart from being loyal to people. According to color therapists it works magnificently in curing depression. Even this color can lead to increased uneasiness and discomforts when overused.

Yellow: This is one color to increase the activeness of both body and mind. It increases positive feelings. It denotes self-respect, wisdom, positive mind, and also inspiration. This color helps in increasing memory power, concentration and also lessens stress.

Green: This color gives peace of mind and new energy. It defines love, optimism, self-control and harmony. Using this color can reduce mental stress and give inner peace. But over using it can lead to sluggishness and lack of interest.

Violet: This denotes spiritual personality. It is linked to inspiration, creativity and beauty. People who use this color too often fall prey to increased sleeping hours, increased stress, and heightened appetite. According to therapists too much using of this color can also mentally upset you wherein you cannot manage emotions properly.

Magenta: This color is related to compassion and sensitivity. Using this color will help you in managing both internal and external emotions. This color should be avoided by those who are suffering from depression and also who have social anxiety disorder.

Blue: This color is linked to perfect thought process. It denotes creativity, expression of thoughts, vigor and energy. It is highly useful in reducing the hyper activeness in children. This is the reason behind why many of the school uniforms are in blue color. But overdoing of this color will lead to insecurity, pessimism, tiredness and also lack of interest.

Sky blue: This color depicts peace and expression of thoughts. Cleanliness of thoughts, solace, confidence and talking without fear are the signs that can be increased by using this color. The one best character that is found in this color and not found in other colors is it does not lead to any side effects even when it is over used.

So now its upto you to prefer colors based on your mindset and needs since we have said on study of colors and moods.

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