Color therapy for your bedroom walls

Bedroom is one place where one lives completely him/herself without worrying about the world outside. This is one place that gives ample freedom to revive the tired body and spend time more hilariously. A good and eye-catching bedroom is also needed to ignite the passion between couple. And apart from all these it is the room which best suits to satisfy your personal desires, whims and fancies. When it holds such importance in making a person’s life, every care should be taken to make it more lively and meaningful.

The bedroom can be made a haven with good wall colors and wall paintings. Here are few painting ideas for bedroom walls to decorate the bedroom with amazing colors and accessories.

Colors that give beautiful look to bedroom:

Any room looks beautiful and attractive when correct paints are given to the walls. The following are the bedroom wall color options to give it a beautiful look.

  1. To give the bedroom a romantic and appealing look paint the walls with diamond related colors such as pearl white, red sapphire and blue sapphire.
  2. The one idea to make bedroom more beautiful is to blindly follow this thumb rule: Paint the walls using dark colors instead of light colors. Doing so you are not only giving the room a perfect look but are also giving yourself the comfort of having peaceful mind. But one disadvantage with these colors is they look perfect when the bedrooms are more spacious.
  3. Grey and brown in addition to light color combinations are also perfect and these colors denote modernity.
  4. Any thick color will easily sink with white color; especially colors such as pink, maroon, and gold colors sink well. So paint the bedroom roof with white color in combination of any of these colors on side walls.

Colors that give bedroom more inspiring look:

Bedroom is also the place used for professional purposes by many, so it will be a win-win situation to give the room a pinch of inspiring look. Here are the colors to give inspiring look.

  1. Painting the walls with bright colors such as red and yellow with slight mix of orange color will keep the room inspiring. Seeing these colors in the early hours gives increased energy and freshness.
  2. Mixing small amount of brown color in yellow and red colors is also one way to keep the bedroom atmosphere lively.
  3. According to color therapists mixing bright colors and white in red, yellow, blue and orange will increase the memory and inspiration, so paint the walls if you wish to have increased spirits.

Colors that give bedroom peaceful look:

You will get more peace from the worldly problems only when the bedroom is peaceful and calm and to give bedroom peaceful ambience paint these colors.

  1. Blue, white and green are known to give the body comfort and keep the mind calm. So paint these colors at some point in the bedroom and also avoid colors such as black that take away the peace of mind.
  2. Green and blue colors when used in combination give soft look and also make the room spacious.

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