Cloud Computing: Trends in 2016

Cloud computing is the next big thing as far as technology development for business is concerned. There are many advantages of the same for the corporate giants as well as startups. Costs reduction, less initial investment, safety of data and accessibility across the globe are some of the benefits that make it preferred option as far as data management is concerned. No wonder then that the segment is expected to grow exponentially during 2016 and as predicted by the experts there are some significant trends that are emerging. What these trends show is that there is a paradigm shift as far as company management is concerned as to how technology can be used for the betterment of business. And this is going to show a changes and effect across all other segments of IT.

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Significant paradigm shift: Cloud computing is becoming a preferred option not only by big corporate houses but also startups. Besides being cost effective option it is also provides a relief from security concerns and that is why it is becoming a choice particularly for healthcare and financial companies. Called cloud migration, there has been more than 50 percent shift is companies from their existing platforms to cloud computing. With the number of users benefiting from cloud computing on the rise, it would be bringing about a change in all the management decisions of the pre-existing users and the first timers. This migration would continue even in 2016.

Companies would go for hybrid model: In cloud computing hybrid model is one that allows a company to use two types of data management. It could be their pre-existing system along with cloud computing or a more locally designed system which provides them benefits on local requirement front along with cloud computing. It helps the company to keep a tight cap on its investment as well as training of its existing employees. 2016 would see more and more companies adopting this system over and above other modes of cloud computing.

Customization would continue to happen: But no matter how much hybrid mode develops, companies would try and go for more specialized cloud system. This provides development of need based system and provides openness and flexibility together. Governments and large organizations are going to prefer this system as it allows them to use cloud computing in a better way. Experts believe that this trend would be shifting to other sectors as well since so many of the traditional means are now trying to go for specialized clouds.

IT would see transformation: As far as IT departments of corporate are concerned, 2016 would bring about a transformation in their working. With much of the data management and accessibility going for cloud computing, innovation and catering to other specialized needs would be the call of the hour. With cloud computing looking into the requirements of cost reduction in the maintenance front, innovative work would be driving the objectives of corporate and their technology heads. Besides more user-friendly approach of cloud computing would be making it an option not-to-be-missed for the companies.

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