Citronella candle: A natural mosquito repellant

Flies and house insects have become common in many houses and gardens. It is common to have them in few numbers but when the number of the count rises then it is a problem. In general these house insects will increase due to the presence of stagnated water in the gardens, homes and also surroundings. The presence of them is not a good sign of environmental cleanliness and also can hamper healthy living and health. Here we shall see how to effectively keep away common house insects, more importantly mosquitoes. This method is also easy and also an effective way of keeping mosquitoes away naturally. All you need is citronella candle.

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Let us first see the needed ingredients to make citronella candle:

1)    Soy wax

2)    2 thread wicks

3)    Citronella oil

4)    Containers and along with these four we also need the below to keep the candles straight and erect.

1)    Tape

2)    Pen

3)    Pencil

How to make citronella candle?

The first thing to do to make citronella candle is to melt the soy sauce at the correct temperature. Then fill the container with the melted soy sauce. By the time, the sauce starts getting thicker place the wicks straightly in the container. Take the help of pencil to place them straight. Now when the total soy wax gets hard and when you can see the wicks standing erect your citronella candle is ready for use as a mosquito repellant.

When you place this candle in places where the mosquitoes and other flies are rampant the aroma that is emitted from burning the candle will repel the house flies and other common flies from the surroundings. The same trick can also do away with insects in the house and also in the garden.

The other natural ways to repel insects:

Not only the above method there are also some other ways to keep off the common insects away, especially the insects present in the pots placed in the garden. Take apple juice and vinegar in a plastic cover. Pierce small holes to the cover. Now place this cover in a glass. Use this glass to repel the insects. All you need to do is to place this glass in the place where there are more flies.

Vinegar is also useful in keeping many other insects such as caterpillars. Just spraying of vinegar is enough to keep them away. You can as well place beer in a shallow beaker and keep it in the garden to repel insects naturally.

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