Chitrakoot waterfalls: Indian Niagara falls

We all know that there is a world famous waterfall in USA known as NYAGARA WATERFALLS. This beautiful and awesome waterfall has gained its popularity for its gushing waterfalls with an unimaginable velocity from an unbelievable height. One more surprising and interesting thing is the way the water changes its colors according to seasons. Well, identical to Niagara waterfalls there is one more waterfall in India known as Chitrakoot waterfalls. Trust us you will never be disappointed after visiting this waterfalls. Let us see all the attractive points of this India’s biggest waterfalls here.

1) This breathtaking waterfall in India is present in the state of Chhattisgarh just 50 kilometers away from a town called as Jagdalpur.

2) It is surrounded by dense forests and sky-high mountains.

3) This awesome waterfall begins from an Indian river called as Indravati, which flows through the Vindhya mountain ranges, which again are well-known mountain ranges in South East Asia.

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4) This waterfall is famously known as ‘’Indian Niagara falls’’ as it is very similar to Niagara.

5) This waterfall can be visited in any season but visiting in the months of July to October will make your experience even better. The water during these months is more beautiful and more ferocious.

6) Though the water during summer is not more during rainy seasons the waterfall is at the zenith of its beauty as water is more. With more water running down the hill slopes with never imagined velocity the scene should just be enjoyed. This velocity of the waterfall gives a typical sound which you can find nowhere in this entire world.

7) One more beauty of this waterfall in rainy season is you can see the magic of rainbow colors that reflect on these waterfalls. Trust us two eyes are never sufficient to see the beauty of these waters when rainbow casts its beauty on them.

8) Not only the waterfalls even the surroundings will have new beauty during rainy season with dew filled mountain tops and lush green plants everywhere with budding flowers.

9) The water during this season will turn into red color as the rain water gets mixed up with the waterfalls.

10)  The birds are one more attraction here during the rainy season. Different birds find shelter here and their chirpy sounds are far better than any renowned musician born on earth.

11) Watching the beauty of waterfall during sunrise and sunset can never be explained in words. One needs to just experience it with one’s own eyes.

12) The waterfall is also surrounded with many ancient temples.

13) In winters, the water will be milky white.

14) Though it is located in thick forests the Indian tourism department has made every facility for a safe stay by constructing hotels and roads. There are also parks for children near this Indian waterfall.

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