Chemical peel: New way of beating skin problems

It takes no time for the skin to lose its glow and charisma and eventually look dead. Many reasons are always active such as suntan, black and white heads, scars and pimples. And apart from all these we already have our favorite skin enemy: the age. With growing age cologne reduces and so the skin loses its stiffness and wrinkles start growing. For all these skin problems, there is one effective solution and the solution is: CHEMICAL PEELS.

What are chemical peels?

To say it in one sentence chemical peels are nothing but removing the outer layer of the skin using chemicals. The chemicals used in this cosmetic treatment are very mild and not harsh on the skin. So there is literally no damage to the skin. When the outer layer of the skin is removed, naturally a new layer that is fresh and glowing will come up and make the skin look radiant. These peels simultaneously remove the outer layer and also produce cologne.  There are different types of chemical peels. Based on the intensity, chemical peels are divided into three:

•    Superficial

•    Medium

•    Deep

keeping in mind the skin types one of the 3 types of chemical peels is suggested.

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Superficial chemical peel:

This peel is also called as glycolic and lactic acid peel. This peel is done using glycolic acid and lactic acid is normally present in our skin. When glycolic acid is used, a chemical reaction takes place between it and lactic acid and as such a skin layer comes out easily.

Medium chemical peel:

In this type of chemical peel trichloroacetic acid is used. This peel makes the skin white and also makes the skin mild and supple. Wrinkles and pigmentation scars are removed and the skin becomes soft and reverses in age. According to beauticians these are far better than those laser treatments used to whiten and lighten up the skin as these are economical, safe and are also effective in results. Even the results and outcome stand for a longer time.

Deep chemical peels:

Known as Baker Gordon phenol peel treatment, it is very highly effective in remodeling of cologne in lesser time. Even the results are effective and satisfactory. The skin gets glow and shine due to this peel. It removes the outer layers of the skin very deeply.

Precautions to take with chemical peels:

•    Don’t expose the skin to sunrays for few days. In case you have to go out cover the skin and face with scarves.

•    Wash the face with smooth face washes instead of soaps.

•    Uses the sunscreen lotion that is suggested by the dermatologist and apply it for every 3 hours.

By following these cares you can reap maximum benefit from skin peels.

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