Check the food labels before buying packed foods

Many of us don’t have the habit of checking the food labels present on the packaged foods. But in case you wish healthier health you definitely need to watch for these. The food labels will give you the list of ingredients present in them so that you can get an idea on the ingredients and also their quantity. Here is the list of things you should search for on food labels.


All the packaged foods will definitely have sodium in them. So here the concern is not its presence and the concern is: in how much quantity it is present and also whether it is natural or artificial. Sodium can lead to heart attacks as it has the tendency of logging the water in the body. Throughout the day, the body needs just 1500 milligrams of salt. Keep this in mind and purchase.


Here the most important factor is not how much fat you are consuming but what kind of fat you are consuming. If at all, the label says ‘’partially hydrogenated’’ then you have to bluntly avoid that product. This is transfat and leads to many health problems. This fat can easily cause diabetes, heart problems and also intestine cancers.

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This label says that the product has been added in strength with external proteins and vitamins to enrich the product. So, in general, the product has been induced with additional nutritional givers.


This label conveys that the product has been deprived of few things and at the same time had been induced with some other things to enrich it.

Low cholesterol:

If you find this then the product gives you 20 milligrams of cholesterol or even less per single serve. Here the term connotes the presence of less cholesterol and not complete free of cholesterol.


Fat-free here also does not mean there is zero fat in it. It only means there are 0.005 milligrams of fat per each serve.

No added sugar:

Though no sugar is added the product will have the inbuilt sugar in it.

Low fat:

If a product says this then the fat per each serve should not exceed 3 grams.

No salt added:

As the name indicates no extra sodium will be added. Here it does not mean that the product is entirely salt-free. It will have its inbuilt sodium content.


It indicates that the material is 70 percent organic.


When you find this then you should search for the quantity of salt per serve or check if salt is present in other forms such as MSG.

Reduced or less fat:

Here it means the product does not have its original fat content and is lesser by 25 percent.

100 % organic:

When all of the ingredients present in the product are organic then it is quoted as such.

So know all these food labels and their meanings and check for them in the groceries when you visit to buy something.

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