Check if you have these symptoms of hypercholesterolemia

Hypercholesterolemia is mostly the outcome of lack of good eating habits and physical efforts. Consumption of food high in fat content can easily lead to hypercholesterolemia. Some other factors such as thyroid complications, obesity related problems and diabetes can also play a high role in the onset of hypercholesterolemia. In this present article, we shall see the facts regarding hypercholesterolemia and also how bad it is to health.

The body generally to remain active needs some amount of cholesterol. Cholesterol reaches the body parts with the help of lipoproteins present in the blood of humans. Based on lipoproteins cholesterol is divided into two types:

1) Bad cholesterol

2) Good cholesterol

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What is bad cholesterol?

The low-density lipoprotein cholesterol is called as the bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. When this type of cholesterol levels get increased in the body then it is a problem. It obstructs the proper flow of blood in the body and thus leads to heart related problems and also many other diseases. As per studies, LDL consists of nearly 70 percent in the human body. It gets transferred to others when blood transfusion is made.

What is good cholesterol?

The high-density lipoprotein cholesterol is called as good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol. This type of cholesterol is what the human body needs as it enhances health and assists in the proper flow of blood in the body.

Causes of hypercholesterolemia:

•    Lack of proper eating habits. This is the main reason for many of the people suffering from hypercholesterolemia according to the studies.

•    Hereditary issues.

•    Improper BMI.

•    Alcoholism.

•    Diabetes.

•    Nephrotic syndrome.

•     Jaundice.

•    Renal failures.

•    Thyroid related problems.

•    Some kind of medicines, especially the ones used to treat blood pressure.

•    Even some kinds of steroids also lead to this.

How to control hypercholesterolemia?

•    The easiest way is to follow correct eating habits that include healthy food rich in water and fiber content.

•    Avoid junk foods

•    A Proper lifestyle that includes no alcohol intake and also regular exercises.

•    Vegetables should be given more preference. Especially green leafy vegetables should be taken.

Food precautions to take with hypercholesterolemia:

Apart from the above said things food precautions should be followed ruthlessly for effective controlling of hypercholesterolemia. Let us see those food controlling methods.

•    As said above the more the fiber your food has the best it is.

•    Stay away from fried food material.

•    Avoid eating too much of eggs and red meat.

•    Drink more water.

Follow these and hypercholesterolemia can easily be kept under control. Despite following these all if you are unable to fight hypercholesterolemia then consult a good physician and get the remedies for it. You can choose from many of the treatment processes and lesser the hypercholesterolemia.

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