Causes and means to avoid dark under eye circles

Even the best of the best looking faces will look odd when they have dark under eye circles. The evil cast of black circles under the eyes is such. There are many factors that actively take part to give dark under eye circles. Let us not bother on all of them and focus on few but very dominating causes of dark under eye circles. In addition, we shall also look who to treat them easily and to the root.

Fore mostly we will see the causes of dark circles under eyes.


Anxiety is the deadliest enemy of any person. It can easily ruin lives within no time. A depressed and anxious mind will cause a lot many health issues and one is dark circles under the eyes. Anxiety leads to stress and when the body is stressed the blood in the body starts flowing to important organs such as heart and kidneys. As a result, the face and skin go bloodless and look pale and dull. Stress will burst out the small blood vessels present near the eyes and so the blood that gets clotted underneath the skin of the eyes gives light black to the skin below the eyes.

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Iron deficiency:

Lack iron leads to anemia and anemia in turn leads to under eye circles. When the iron in the blood gets reduced the hemoglobin responsible for carrying oxygen will get diluted. When this happens the dark circles appear as the skin near the eyes is sensitive. So the food you take should have rich amounts of iron.

Sun damage:

Sun as we all know is very harsh to skin and when the matter of sensitive skin such as the skin near the eyes is concerned it can even be harsher. Sun rays will burst the blood vessels near the eyes and cause blood flow. So protect the eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun.


Tiredness can easily affect the health of the eyes. Lack of proper sleep and fatigue will also cause blackness to the skin under the eyes. So keep the body fit and with full stamina.

Thick spectacles:

Having spectacles that have thick glasses is also one of the causes. These types of glasses cause heavy strain on the eyes and so dark circles appear over a period of time to the skin present near the eyes.

Too much rubbing of eyes:

Do you know that the skin near the eyes is the most sensitive skin as far as the facial skin is concerned? The blood vessels here are also equally sensitive as the skin here. So when you rub and exert pressure the blood vessels get strained and lead to a black skin.

Tips to avoid dark under-eye circles:

•    Take vitamin B complex tablets regularly.

•    Stay away from the medicines that extend the blood vessels.

•    Increase the antioxidant levels in the body through various ways.

Follow these and you can easily treat dark under eye circles.

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