Career options in social media

Social media as often perceived as one that deals with an individual and their means to stay in contact with the outside world. But in recent past it has made a mark for itself so much so that companies have begun to hold ‘social media managers’ to be able to cater to the service industry segment of their business. But as this area of networking develops one can feel that there is a constant need for additions and specializations as new skill development. All departments within an organization are required to stay in touch and make their additions to be able to make a company social media friendly. That is why there is no such thing as a ‘social media guru’ as of now. However, there are experts and those who are more adept to making changes in the existing systems. These along with new special force of professionals skilled to meet the paradigm shift provide an area which is full of opportunities. Here are some areas that have entered into career segment:

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Data professionals: It would be most appropriate to call the new set of professionals as data professionals since their advantage would be that they are able to do anything and everything from data mining to data classification to data analysis based on social media. Added benefit for those who are looking to form a career in consumer research segment.

Advertising professionals: Social media is a giant which is very different from the traditional and online forms of marketing. And it requires a new set of professionals who not only understand social media but can also think creatively and innovatively to use it to one’s advantage. From concept to the placement of advertisements to finding out the effectiveness requires a new breed of professionals in itself. What makes it different from online advertising is that professional in this emerging career segment should be able to deal with 1:1 interactions in a more proactive manner.

Content developers: There is a growing for those who are able to produce great content which is not only informative but also entertaining. The same skill set is needed in social media segment too. Content here does not mean games or advertorials alone but something which is able to get the necessary eyeballs of new as well as the older generation of people. Every other form of media needs a different and more unique kind of content and this requires experience and creativity both mixed in one person.

Service professionals: A lot of work goes behind the social networking sites to make them  appeal more to you. There is a growing need for professionals who understand the psyche of social media users and are able to interact with them based on these peoples’ requirements. These professionals should be proactive and reactive in their approach to an equal degree. Be sure a lot of company’s resources are going to be directed to these segments in near future. But be sure before entering this segment since the challenges are different and teachings are few.

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