Career options in disaster management

Disaster can strike anywhere and anyone from a humble individual to a huge multinational. That is why disaster management has developed as a career choice mores because of the rising number of disasters in the world. Whether it is Nepal’s latest earthquake mayhem or more sinister ones happening every now and then because of natural occurrences. If you are the one who wants to go the route of life-saving professionals then there are many new options that have developed in disaster management. Many big corporate and even governments are coming up with new posts in disaster management. Skills and qualification required are generally the same with a few additions based on specific requirements of a particular field.

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Joining Red Cross:  Red Cross is in the forefront of those providing medical support and treatment in case of disasters. Just like in many other cases, its volunteers and employees are present in huge numbers in earthquake-stricken Nepal. So, if you have an experience in medical line and want to try something more humanitarian in nature then go for the Red Cross. The experience gained in Red Cross is considered added advantage.

Emergency Management Director: Job specifications of the director involve planning and execution of specific duties of an existing or hire workforce during emergencies.  They handle both man-made and natural disasters and emergencies. One of the key requirements is to be in touch with law enforcements and recovery service providers during disaster strike. That is why past experience in related institutes is given weight age over plain graduates.

Specialist in emergency management: Work of these specialists is to lead from the front during time of disasters. They lead the response efforts and are also responsible to giving training involved with emergency response time. A lot of traveling is involved during the time of need to the affected areas. Undergraduates looking out for some career can opt for this one.

Technological hazard program specialist: These specialists are different from other management specialists with respect to fact that they deal with only nuclear power plants. Their main work is to plan and execute response to emergencies and also help in evaluation of local and government disaster management plans.

Financial planner: A financial planner leads from front in resource management and allocation before and during a disaster strike. They also work as investigators and look out for optimal use of resources at hand.

Fire inspector and investigator: These investigators work in close contact with local agencies and enforce fire codes across all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. One of the key works that they do deals with finding out the causes and impact of fire(s) that take place when disaster strikes. Proper skills and qualification are needed which include training and academic degree.

The above mentioned work deals with full timers as well as part-time work. New graduates and even undergraduates can go for these career options to be able to make it big in disaster management arena.  Salaries at present are decent enough.

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