Cancer causing agents list sees an increase in the number

Cancer…! Cancer….! Cancer….everywhere…! Its tentacles have reached far and wide. It has no boundary limits. This deadly disease can affect anyone without having mercy on age and gender. Though scientists since ages are waging wars relentlessly against this deadly disease the result has not been much satisfactory. The reason behind this is simple: It is of different types and the risk factors and causes are lot varied. Anyways despite this sad fact the one way to keep away from it is to know the cancer causes behind it. Very recently few of the studies have released some new facts about the causes of cancer.

Of course you will be surprised to know that the listed things are causes of cancer. But the fact is that we have to accept them as they are from highly authentic research reports. Here we go with the latest added causes of cancer.

1) Instant coffee:

Coffee is good but at what cost? There are many studies that say coffee is good for health and there are also same numbers of studies which say coffee isn’t health factor. Anyways whatever the argument is….the fact is that instant coffee is one of the cancer causes according to latest findings. Instant coffee powder contains a chemical called as acrylamide that can lead to cancer according to scientists. This chemical generally releases when carbohydrates are cooked on high temperatures. Say for instance when we are making potato chips, we fry them in oils at high temperatures that will lead to formation of this chemical. So going by this it is always a safe bet to cook carbohydrates on low steam.

2) Fish:

Who said fish is an all healthy super natural food and fatty acids in them are highly healthy for humans. Till now it was…but now the studies have added fish in the list of cancer causes. The new findings have traced that high consumption of omega 3 fatty acids present in fish will cause Prostrate cancer. This report was published by the journal of National Cancer Institute. It also warned that consumption of fish more than two times a week can easily lead to cancer, so limit it to twice a week.

3) New shirts:

New shirts have a chemical called as formaldehyde which can lead to cancers related to respiratory system. This was revealed by Environmental Working Group, a kind of voluntary organization. So the only way to avoid risks of such cancers is to wash the shirt before you wear on. The same group has also said that washing the shirt before wearing will reduce the chances of cancer by 60%.

4) Styrofoam cups:

As per the latest studies released by International Agency for Research on Cancer, using Styrofoam cups that are particularly made to drink tea and coffee can lead to cancer. These cups have a compound known as styrene that can lead to cancer.

5) Brown rice:

The latest studies from Aberdeen University have said that brown rice has more chances of causing cancer when compared to white rice due to the presence of some cancer causing chemicals on the outer layer of the grain. The only way to avoid cancer from brown rice is to wash it well before cooking and also cook one cup of brown rice in 6 cups of water.

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