Can diabetics get massages…’YES’…but with these precautions

When you think of massage, comfort and relaxation comes to your mind. But there are many people who even advocate massage for diabetes as many people suffering from diabetes have benefitted from massage, but before you go for massage to treat diabetes seek the approval of your doctor. Going for massage can have these below advantages.

1) It assists in lowering the glucose levels in blood. Some people having diabetes have reported reduced blood glucose levels of 20-40 mg/dl. Might be the pleasures derived from massage could have caused a decrease in the hormones related to anxiety and stress, which might have in turn lead to significant lowering of glucose levels in the blood. This has been noticed in diabetic patients of 1, 2 and 3.

2) Healing massages will enhance the circulation of blood. And for those suffering from type 2 diabetes, massage might aid in increasing the efficacy of insulin which in turn will aid in decreasing the levels of glucose in the blood. Therapeutic massage can even benefit people suffering from diabetic neuropathy, but consider the opinion of the physician beforehand.

3) People suffering from diabetes can as well ease the problems associated with flexibility and movement using massage therapies. Massages can aid in decreasing the blood pressure and also muscle tensions.

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Points to think for healthy massage: One can benefit from massage only when certain points are taken into consideration. Here are the safety points to consider before you hit for a massage center.

1) The first thing to consider before you opt to go for massage is to seek the opinion of the physician to know whether massage suits you or not and if it suits what kind of massage. This should be mandate and first safety concern as there are nearly 100 kinds of massages and you don’t know which one suits you the best.

2) Deep tissue massages (only a few) may not go well with diabetic neuropathy. When you can’t feel the pressures applied there is no fun in having massages and also you cannot convey your feedback to your therapist.

3) Few other kinds of massages like stone massage might be harmful when done on people having diabetes as the heat and friction given on the skin does not go well with diabetic patients. Seek the advice of medical professionals on this for further guidance.

4) Always prefer to visit a massage center that is run by a certified or licensed massage therapist.

5) Tell the massage therapist that you are a diabetic patient and also never miss out to say your special concerns that are associated with the type of diabetes you have. Your therapist should have the skills of working with people who have diabetes.

6) In case you are administering insulin and other kinds of medications then ask your therapist to massage on the areas where you don’t administer the injections then alone diabetes and massage can go hand in hand.

Also check the blood glucose levels prior to getting a massage, it should be below 20-40 mg/dl.

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