Can Ayurveda cure rheumatoid arthritis? Yes indeed…..

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) can bring untold hurdles in life as it is a disease that brings pain in bones, joints and also muscles. There are many treatments available for RA that involves harmful chemicals. Using these will be harmful in the long run; unfortunately they should be used since RA is one kind of diseases that stays for more time. The one best way to treat these pains is to go for natural treatments that are absolutely safe and have no side effects. One such is ayurvedic treatment for RA.

Ayurveda has been put into use to treat many diseases in India and one such disease is Rheumatoid arthritis. Let us see the treatment options available in Ayurveda for RA.

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1) Ale Vera mix:

Aloevera is very handy in treating RA pains and in Ayurveda it is also used in treating many ailments. To make this paste we need egg in addition to aloevera. Prepare a thick paste by mixing well the starch from dried aloevera leaf and egg white. Mix them well till they turn into thick paste. Once you get thick paste apply it on the parts where you have pain. This mix will also cure many other diseases along with pains. It can also be used on hair.

2) Sesame seeds mix:

To make this highly effective ayurvedic treatment we need black sesame seeds, water and dry ginger. Take equal quantities of sesame seeds and dry ginger. Grind them well. Once it becomes into powder. Drink this mix in a glass of water daily without fail. In fewer weeks of time you can see the pains going away.

3) Gall nut mix:

The two ingredients needed to make this RA treatment are gall nuts and castor oil. First make the gall nut seeds into powder by grinding them. Mix this in Castrol oil and consume in lesser quantities daily without fail.

4) Garlic paste:

The two ingredients needed for this treatment are dry ginger and garlic cloves. Take 5 garlic cloves and grind them well. Add dry ginger to buttermilk and also add garlic paste to it. Drink this buttermilk for 5 days and you can see the inflammation reducing slowly but steadily.

5) Castor oil:

The two ingredients needed are milk and filtered castor oil. Take two tea spoonfuls of castor oil and mix it in lukewarm milk. Drink this mix every weekend during night to notice lessened pain.

These are only few treatment options from Ayurveda that we have put forth to treat rheumatoid arthritis. There are also many more effective ways which you can know from Ayurveda consultant. Apart from making use of the above treatments one should also follow good diet that is anti-inflammatory in nature and do exercises regularly.

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