Camphor basil: Magnificent herb for human health

Camphor basil is well known medicinal herb in southeastern countries and especially in India. The plant has white or light rose colored plants. This is the reason why many of the insects are attracted to this herb. The aroma that you get by pressing the leaves of this herb is very impressive and activates the senses of the one who smells it.

The essential oil derived from crushing the leaves of camphor basil has nearly 60 to 80 percent of camphor in it. The main reason why the essential oil from it is so effective in giving positive effects on us is, it has elements such as camphor, asinine and cineol. It also has flavonoids and sterols. All these have made this herb a good herbal medicinal plant. Here we shall see the uses of camphor basil in detail.

•    As any herbal plant, even camphor basil is high in medicinal values. Camphor basil medicinal uses include anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral characters. Along with these good qualities, it is also a good antioxidant agent. All these qualities make it highly effective in treating many kinds of mental and physical ailments.

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•    This is one herb that is highly used in many traditional medicines such as Ayurveda and homeopathic medicines due to the presence of many medicinal qualities.

•     It is also used to design many of the ceramic and glass materials in combination with other ingredients.

•    Inhaling the aroma you get by pressing the leaves of it or by inhaling the steam you get by boiling these leaves is the best natural remedy for cold. Not only cold, it even easily fights off cough, blocked nose, congested lungs and also headaches. So take vapor treatment using these leaves. This steam even relaxes strained muscles.

•    Camphor basil uses on skin are many. By applying the infusion of these leaves many of the skin diseases can be treated. These skin diseases include measles, chicken pox and other types of skin infections.

•    It ignites and enhances appetite. This herb is also useful in treating problems raised due to indigestion.

•    Cholera and motions can easily be controlled.

•    This is the best natural fly repellant and also air purifier. It keeps many of the house flies away and so health is intact.

•    This herb apart from having health benefits can also give beauty benefits. The essential oil from it is used in many of the aromatherapies.

•   Camphor basil oil uses have high hand both in medicinal and beauty products. Using the oil derived from it along with rose water can easily stop nose bleeding and also many of the eye and ear infections.

•    It is highly effective in treating bad breath and many other dental problems. It assists in giving stronger teeth. It is also beneficial to beautify the skin.

•    Due to its high aromatic and skin friendly nature it is used in many organic scents and soaps. It is also vividly used in cosmetic ointments.

Keeping all these in mind grow camphor basil in your garden and use it as handy herb for first aid treatments.

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