Buy a Power Bank if you wish to get connected always!

If you travel a lot and at the same time you use your cell phone or tablet almost all the time, you must carry a Power Bank, which is a portable charger for such devices. There are many individuals who constantly need to be connected over the phone, and hence the battery of their device runs out soon. It is at this point, a power bank can come to their rescue and save them from being disconnected from the rest of the world. Here are few points you need to know about them

Power bank basics

Basically it is an external battery with a special circuit that stores electrical energy which can be later used to charge a mobile phone with proper connectivity. Devices that can be charged by power banks are Smart phones, laptops, mp3 players, portable speakers and others. You will get an USB cable with it so that you can connect the device and draw charge from power bank for longer use. However don’t forget to charge the power bank itself so that the electrons can be stored inside to be used when needed. Depending on the power, it should not take more time to get fully charged, just like an ordinary phone. What can be better than this?

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Types of Power banks

One can get few types of power banks like the conventional ones, which itself gets charged through electric socket and the other type is a solar mobile charger which draws input charge from the sun. The latter is equipped with photoelectric cells which when kept for prolonged hours, can store the much needed charge on the device.

Are they efficient?

Just like all other electronics devices, power banks are not 100% efficient and so, depending on their capacity, the efficiency range between 80-90%, which means they are capable of charging the attached device with almost 90% of their stored charge.

Keep the following points in your mind before you finally make the purchase.

Select the capacity depending on your usage: The capacity of a power bank is calculated in milli ampere hours, so is your phone, hence for a 1500 MAh of phone, you must choose the Power Bank with the same capacity. Making a match of the input-output voltages is also important else charging will not be done properly. Power banks are available in different units and can charge devices manufactured by almost all companies. So choose the one that suits the need of your device(s) and their usage.

Size matters for easy portability: It is important for you to understand your need and buy the device that is easy to carry everywhere you go. Easily understood that a 1500 MAH device will be smaller and lighter than a 10000 MAH device and hence it will be easier to take it along with. Also you need to carry the USB cable without which you cannot charge mobile or laptop. After charging is over the cable can be folded in and kept safely for further use.

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