Brown rice or white rice…which one is the best

Though white rice looks good to eye due to its shiny and dazzling pearl white color it cannot be the same for health, at least in comparison to brown rice. The studies have found that brown rice is rich in health more times in comparison to tasty white rice. It is best because it is store house to much nutrition and also fights many of the diseases such as diabetes and heat related problems. Let us see the nutritional value and also why to prefer brown rice as daily staple.

Advantages of brown rice over white rice:

  • It is less polished than white rice and so the nutritions and other healthy contents are not deprived.
  • It has more fiber content than white rice.
  • It is the best energy giving food. One single cup of brown rice gives energy that is equal to 3 cups of white rice consumption.
  • The health benefits you derive are also highly more in comparison to white rice.
  • It is easier to digest in comparison to white rice and has fewer carbohydrates that lead to diabetes and cholesterol.
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Nutritional values in brown rice:

Selenium: Brown rice has high amounts of selenium. The body needs selenium to stay away from different types of cancer and also heart related problems in addition to fighting arthritis.

Natural oils:

The natural oils present in it are highly useful in keeping the body free from cholesterol. Eating brown rice will easily ward off obesity.


The easiest way to give the body the required amount of manganese per day is to eat one cup of brown rice. One cup of brown rice gives 80 percent of manganese for the body. Manganese is useful in burning the fats present in the body and also to enhance the functions of nervous system and also to increase the fertility chances.

Benefits of eating brown rice:

Control overweight:

Apart from controlling weight it also leads to increased digestion. The fiber content in it leads to quicker digestion and so the problem of accumulated fat does not arise. One more benefit is you can get fuller tummy feeling even with less consumption of brown rice so you can easily get down in weight.

High fiber:

Do you know that this is the one which has such kind of fiber to stop intestinal cancer not only this, it stands first in quantity wise also. The fiber content in this is fit enough to help the body to dispose toxins that cause cancers.

Controls sugar level:

This is the best food to keep diabetes in control. As per studies people who have the habit of eating 1 cup of brown rice have reduced the chances of getting diabetes by 60 percent.

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