Boost up the iPhone performance with these tips

iPhones have become basic needs of life and life can come to stand still if something goes wrong with them. There might be many reasons for malfunctioning of iPhones. Hang-ups, slow application running, poor performance are some day to day problems we encounter with while using iPhones.

There are many ways to keep proper functioning of them, more importantly to combat slow running of the phone.

The following are the easy ways and tips to make the iPhone run faster……

Remove apps which consume more space:

iPhones tend to run slow if it is stuffed with many apps. So the best way to make it perform better would be to remove all the unwanted apps and keep only those you need.

To check how much room each one of the app is taking, go to Settings-General -Usage.

Clear Safari’s cache:

Treat the iPhone as you treat your computer. Clear Safari’s cache to make the phone run well and smooth.

Again go to Settings -Safari -Clear history, followed by this hit on ‘’clear cookies and data’’ to remove safari’s cache, this clear cookies and data is present just below the ‘’Clear History’’.

Remove old photos:

Deleting unwanted photos and videos is one best way to increase the performance of the mobile. If you have hundreds of files and photos on the mobile, transfer them to desktop by syncing them to iPhoto present on desktop or you can back them via iCloud and delete them on mobile.

Switch off automatic app updates:

The phone might as well run slow if it is trying to maintain the app updates automatically. Instead of automatic updates keep the phone in manual update mode.

To make this change: go to Settings – iTunes and App Store – Automatic Downloads. Then move the sliders to ‘’off mode’’ where it depicts Updates.

Change the automatic settings of downloads:

Automatic downloads like ‘’automatic app updates’’ can bring down the performance of iPhone. If the phone is running ‘’automatic app updates’’, any application that you have downloaded on the iPad can mechanically start installing on the iPhone. Though it is handy, it will for sure lower the phone’s performance.

To change the settings: Settings-iTunes & App Store -Automatic Downloads. Then the sliders should be moved to off mode.

Restart the iPhone now and then:

iPhone is a mini computer and so it must be taken care as a computer. Do you leave the computer on even when you don’t use, you definitely will turn it off, so also should be done to phones, switching off every now and then can make the phone run faster.

Shut down all running apps in the background:

Shutting down all the unwanted opened up apps in the background will surely improve the functioning of the iPhone. This holds good when the application is of more size. Running applications in the background can use RAM, making the phone run slower.

Also remove the phone from automatic mode and also update the iPhone if needed to run a better show. Avoid setting your phone to automatic.

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