Best meat substitutes for healthy veggie life

All of us have by now would have at least partially agreed to the fact that eating non-vegetarian food is to large extent not good to health. But still there are many vital nutrients available in meat foods that the body needs then how do we get them? Are there any meat replacement foods that we can take in order to make up for the loss of foregoing meat foods? Yes there are here are those foods that one can take as substitutes for Non vegetarian foods.

Hemp Seeds:

Nutty and chewy, these seeds are a just right addition to oatmeal and yogurt. Dissimilar to chia seeds and flaxseeds, they have all the important amino acids that are good for vegans and vegetarians.


Hummus, a dip made from cooked and mashed chickpeas originally belongs to Middle Eastern region and is highly flavored. It is one protein that is lower in cholesterol level. It is also loaded with rich fiber. Many of the grocery stores give ready made hummus for you to carry home but prefer making it on your own to get the most of it.


It can just be considered as healthier and fermented tofu and one of the best alternatives to eating meat. Though it is not as famous as its counterpart-soy-based protein, it has been in use since 19th century in Indonesia. It is richer in protein by three times when compared to tofu; it even has vitamin B12, a very vital nutrient that enhances metabolism.

Greek Yogurt:

Greek yogurt is now no longer a sad food diet. It is healthier than regular yogurt. It has more cream and is twice richer in protein when compared to normal yogurt and has ½ the carbs of usually used yogurt. Prefer the plain kind and add fruits to munch tasty snack.


The restaurants in Japan actually serve Edamame as an appetizer. It is rich in protein content. Edamame are basically soybeans harvested prior to ripening. They are cheaper, easier to cook and are also easily available in many parts of the cold lands.


We all know how health friendly is Omega-3 fatty acids: They lessen the risks associated with cancer and heart problems, keeps your weight in check, gives you good cholesterol and the list goes on. Many of us feel sea food is the only way to get Omega-3 fatty acids but what if you dislike sea foods? Should one go Omega-3 fatty acids less? No need, just eat seaweed. Since ages coastal people have been relying on it. So you too can get it from super markets.


Of course every one of us knows the benefits of this magical and marvelous seed: quinoa. And this legacy of it makes it a substitute for meat foods. When cooked correctly it tastes good and can even be substitute for grains such as oats and rice. It is loaded with zinc, manganese, minerals, and iron. It can easily be a substitute for shellfish.

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