Best foot care tips to follow at home

Stunning makeup, excellent hairstyle and attractive dress, all combine to give dazzling looks. This is what many think is enough for good looks but did you ever given a thought of caring for your feet. Have you ever taken time to pamper them…if not then it’s high time you start doing so….coz apart from taking care of hair, dressing and makeup, you also need to care and treat your feet for total beauty. Here are few easy and natural foot care tips to get soft feet at home naturally.

1) One of the best home remedy to get stunningly soft and sexy feet is to make a paste by mixing olive oil and salt. Use this paste to massage the feet and finally cleanse them using a wet cloth. Doing so will remove the dead skin from them and leave back shining feet.

2) Make it a habit to use anti-fungal cream and also anti-fungal powder for every two or three weeks. Use cream during nights and powder during mornings. This will ward of fungal infections on the feet if present.

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3) Taking bath should not end with just cleaning the upper part of the body; every care should be taken to give proper time to feet even. Use a good scrubber to remove the dead skin on feet. Doing so will make the feet look neat and good. Using a scrubber on feet will also save them from cracks and heels.

4) No matter, however, busy you are, go for a pedicure at least once in a week. In case you don’t have time, at least make it appoint to do pedicure at home. If you don’t know how then here is the simplest way to do pedicure. Take lukewarm water and add hand wash liquid and lemon juice from one lemon, stir them well and soak your feet in them for 15 fifteen minutes and finally scrub the feet using a scrubber, you can as well use face scrub if you wish for extra smoothness of them. Once all the cleansing is done, wipe the feet dry using a towel and apply a good moisturizer.

5) Even the nails should be taken care of. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean the nails once a week.

6) Never forget to apply moisturizer on feet before calling it a day; this is the mandate foot care tip. Use a good skin moisturizer on the feet and massage thoroughly. While you massage the feet, take every care not use moisturizer between the toes. In case you don’t have moisturizer use almond oil or olive oil. Even sandalwood oil though costly is also a best option.

7) Using milk on feet is also a good option as the lactic acid present in it will make the feet petal soft. Boil 2 to 3 liters of milk till it gets lukewarm and pour them into a container that has wide open surface and soak the feet, also add 2 to 3 ounces of almond oil. Soaking this way every now and then will make the feet soft and shiny.

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