Best finance management apps to manage your expenses

Technology has now been tamed to be a financial planner for us. Here are few apps that help you in managing your finance and planning your budget. Here we go with finance apps.


This is a highly useful best personal finance app to maintain our budget. It has been developed by a popular site, ‘’’’ It will let you know how you are spending your money and on what you are spending. It will provide you all the information in the form of graphs and charts. This will easily let you know how you are spending each rupee. Say for instance if you have spent more on cinemas and shopping in a month it will alert you in the form of a graph. So you will easily know on what you are spending more and as such you can analyze and plan your expenses.

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Money Lover:

It is something like a ledger that has all records of income and expenses. It is a good personal finance manager to manage your expenses. You can enter each and every expense made for different needs. As such tracking of different expenses is easier and it will notify you when you cross your budget range.


This is a personal financial website that provides web based solutions. You can get information regarding bank accounts, insurance policies, credit cards, equity investments, mutual funds, credit cards and other money related investments using this app. All your financial transactions related things can be gotten with this single app. By logging once into this app, you can know the details regarding multiple accounts. Not only this, you can as well file your tax returns using this app. But this app is not a free app. It is a paid app and is available in two types: gold and premium.

Expense Manager: 

This is a free app. What is your income? How much are you spending? How much balance is still left over? Such and all things related to financial management can be known using this app. You can as well know your daily, weekly, monthly and also yearly financial transactions through this app. You can capture all the bills you paid and store in this app. For example your internet, telephone, petrol and other bills can be stored in this app. Every receipt will have backup details. It also converts the transactions into our desired currency. Apart from all these, users can avail services using multiple accounts.

Aren’t these money management apps really helpful and handy? Install them and manage your hard earned money well.

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