Best apps for smartphones and tech gadgets

What use is of a Smartphone when it has no useful apps installed in it? Here are few apps for smartphones and tabs irrespective of the OS.

Avast mobile security and antivirus:

This is in fact one of the most essential apps for smartphones as it caters to the security aspect of your device. This should be the first app one should download soon after buying android devices. It not only protects the device from malware but also facilitates data backup in cloud platform. This can be downloaded for free and one more added advantage is that the navigation is easy.

LinkedIn Pulse:

This is a kind of news app. There are some thousands of new websites across the net and so it becomes difficult for you to read all the news that appears on web, instead you download this app and store all your interested website links in a grid. One can set favourite site links and also save interested news. It even sinks with LinkedIn, twitter, Facebook, flicker and YouTube accounts.


This is an app related to fitness. This app not only assists you in reducing weight and staying fit but also motivates you to stay fit always. One can get all the related information regarding calories and healthy food. It is preloaded with more than 350 types of exercises. It helps you in setting fitness goals along with enabling you to connect with friends who are using this app. It can prepare a report for you on your fitness progress.


This is the best cloud and synchronizing app. This app automatically synchronizes files present in tablets, phones and computers to Dropbox. Whatever photo or file you save in Dropbox folder it automatically gets downloaded in your computer’s Dropbox directory.


This app is related to music streaming. All you need to enjoy your favourite track is to download it from the vast songs present in Spotify music library. Once you download a song of your favourite choice, you can as well listen to it even when you are offline. If you need full version of it you can avail it by paying amount.  One can also listen to supported radio channels for free.


We suppose no one needs any explanation for this TV and video app. It has innumerable movies and Popular TV shows in its library. Once you start watching a movie or other programme on your PC or TV it automatically starts streaming in your mobiles. This has a strong search engine and also enables you to share your account and device with your friends and nears.

These are not only the apps for phones one can as well use them on anything such as laptops, phablets, and also on tabs.

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