Benefits of Gluten Free Diet

When you feel depressed frequently, rather than taking another cup of coffee or tea, you can try to eliminate gluten from your diet after consulting your health care provider.

Gluten is nothing, but a substance that is present in cereal grains, particularly wheat and we see elasticity in wheat dough and this is because this substance. According to a report submitted by the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, it has been found that nearly 6 percent of the entire population of the United States is sensitive to this substance. When these people continue with the diet having gluten, it will have a serious impact on their overall health. If your health care provider has identified that you have celiac disease, the first thing he will be suggesting you is to follow a diet that is free from this content. This will prevent your disease turning into a chronic condition and it will also protect you from becoming malnourished. While this is the case of people, who are allergic to this food, for others following food habits without this content can improve their thinking and digestive abilities. Here are some of the benefits of gluten free diet:

Digestion: If you suffer from indigestion, eliminating gluten from your diet will be helpful to bring about an improvement in your condition. For people with celiac disease, continuing with foods containing this substance will bring about swelling in the small intestine and it will also bring about a flattening of intestinal villi, which is responsible for bringing about a reduction in the nutrient absorption capacity of the body. It has been found by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness that elimination of gluten will bring down the chances of constipation, bloating, gas, abdominal cramping, diarrhea and stomach upset, which are generally caused due to indigestion and this is particularly true in the case of patients with intolerance to this substance. If you are frequently experiencing irritable bowel problem, it might be due to your intolerance to this substance.

Neurological benefits: When you can follow a diet that is free from this substance, you can enjoy clearer thinking, better focus and improved mood. It has been found that gluten can cause foggy thinking, headaches and even depression as well. This is because of the molecule that can cause swelling called as cytokines released in the brain when a person, who is sensitive to gluten eats it. Even, it can cause problems like autism in kids and Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases in elders.

There are many other benefits to point out like reduction of inflammatory diseases and increase in energy levels when you follow a diet that is free from gluten content.

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