Beauty tips and natural packs for winter

As we change the way of dressing for every season we also need to change the beauty care with every season. What we do and how we take care of beauty matters a lot in every season. Even the food has a lot to do with beauty and the food also should change along with changing seasons or else your beauty will come down and you will look odd.

Winter beauty care depends more on food and skin tips you follow. If you blindly follow the same beauty regime that you have followed for some other season then you are doing the biggest blunder for your beauty. In this present article, we shall see the complete beauty tips for winter season. This includes tips and tricks to be followed for pimples and also lips.

All the tips we will discuss here include only natural ways and include easily available kitchen ingredients. Here we go with these winter beauty tips for lips and to reduce pimples, which will in turn make you a complete beauty.

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First let us see how to beat and reduce pimples in winter season:

•    Pimples are the result of many factors which are underplay. Whatever the reasons, let us now see the first and foremost easy natural tip to cure pimples. Take 3 teaspoons of honey and add a little amount of cinnamon powder to it. Mix both of them well and apply this paste on the area where you have pimples. Prefer applying at nights as this will give the required amount of time for this natural pack to act on pimples. Repeat this process for 2 weeks and you can see the lessening of pimples slowly but steadily.

•    Tomato pulp is also one of the easiest remedies to treat pimples in winter. Apply it all over the face and let it stay for 15 minutes. Finally use cold water to clean the face. Repeat this process till you get pimple free face.

•    Lemon juice can be mixed with cinnamon powder or sandalwood powder and can be applied on pimples.

•    The other best natural solution is lemon juice and groundnut oil. Take these two in equal amounts and apply on face or you can just apply on pimples alone. Using this treatment, you can lessen the pimples in maximum three weeks.

•    Take equal amounts of rose water to lemon juice. Mix them well and apply on pimples. Leave it for half an hour and wash off with cold water. Do this process for 4 weeks and pimples will go off naturally.

Having known about how to treat pimples now let us see about lip care in winter:

•    The best natural way to treat dry lips in winter is to apply coconut oil and almond oil on lips. Take both of them equally and apply.

•    The best way to get red lips in winter or for that matter any season is to depend on saffron and yogurt. Take 2 saffron petals and pound them. Add this powder to a little amount of yogurt and apply on lips. Do this three times in a day for few weeks and you will get red rosy lips.

Follow these and you are a beauty of winters.

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