Beauty benefits of fruits

Fruits and vegetables have been shown as key ingredients in many of the commercial beauty products. And why not, they are not only natural but have more profound and long-term benefits when it comes to health as well as beauty as they both are interconnected. World Health Organization (WHO) says that we should have 61/2 cups of fruits and vegetables every day or generous servings daily. This would ensure that our health is good and our system is working optimally. And beauty is more beautiful in a healthy body.  Having a generous amount of fruits would ensure that you not only have glowing skin, whiter teeth but also have the fountain of you that you have been imagining for so long. Here are some of the beauty benefits that you should keep in mind when going for that bowl full of fruits. You must know that you are doing the right thing.

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Fruits would keep you healthy: Health, as they say, is wealth. Healthier people are more open to the world and its happenings and have stronger mind and soul. And fruits surely help in gaining a healthier body but not only building your immunity but also making your organs work optimally. It has even been found that people who eat more fruit have clearer blood. All this finally adds to that beautiful you who is confident and radiant not only from outside but also inside.

Keeps your skin radiant: If you want a skin that is radiant and healthy, then, go for generous servings daily of fruits that are especially yellow, orange or red colored. You can use them for eating and their cover or peel for face and body masks. These kinds of fruits are high on photochemical which give that yellow hue to your skin. Mind you, this is much better than going out in the sun and trying to get that tan. Also, it has been found through studies that people who had more fruits either raw or as juices found their skin to be more hydrated and blood circulation better.

Natural protection of skin against sun: Tomatoes provide good protection against harmful UV rays of the sun. They have lycopene that gives them their red color and has SPF 1.3 equivalent of sunscreen. When used along with other skin care products, it enhances their ability to protect your skin. Tomatoes also protect against aging when eaten after cooking.

Gives whitening effect on teeth: Strawberries and lemons have excellent abilities to restore the white look of your teeth. Strawberry paste, when applied with honey for some time on teeth, removes the yellow layer from it. The same is the case with lime or lemon, whose juice can be used for restoring those white teeth. They are good for oral health as well.

Protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases: Whether you are genetically prone to get heart diseases or are a normal person, fruits would always reduce your risk. A “prudent diet” which has more of raw fruits and vegetables along with green leafy vegetables is ideal for heart and skin. The risk of some cancers including skin and kidney can be greatly reduced when your diet has ample amount of fruits. This means more meaningful beauty which is skin deep.

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