Beauty benefits of baby products that you never knew

The dream of every woman is to have sensuous skin that is as soft as baby skin. In this craze for dream they do all that is within their reach to get it. To get your desired skin you need not do all the crazy gimmicks, all you need to do is to start making use of baby products that are very good on skin for adults too. These products are not allergic and are also free from harsh chemicals thereby making the best for all skin types. Here is the list of baby products that have magical effect on skin.

1) Baby Oil: Removes eye makeup effectively:

If you have the habit of putting makeup often you would have by now understood the difficulties in removing the makeup from sensitive areas such as the eyes. But all the difficulties you faced till now will end up by using baby oil as it has proven to be effective in riding of the eye makeup without any irritation. One more added advantage is it never clogs the skin pores as it is high in mineral oils. So use it every time you wish to remove the makeup.

2) Baby Lotion: Wards off skin irritation:

Are you fed up of using the body lotions which are either not hydrating or too greasy? Then skin soft fragrant baby lotions are the rescuers. These are the best bets to get touchable, smooth and soft skin without piling up grease or oil. In addition to this they even act as protective layers for the skin defending it from dryness and irritation.

3) Baby Powder: The best dry shampoo:

Have you ever known that the baby powder can be used to fix makeup? Just dab small amount of face powder on the neck and face soon after putting foundation and see for yourself having an oil free face that looks dazzling. You can as well pat a small amount prior to applying the eye shadow to get smoother and long lasting effect. You might get away surprised when we say it is also a good shampoo as sprinkling it on greasy hair when there’s no time to shampoo the hair will give smooth, fresh and oil free hair.

4) Baby Wipes: Quickest way to remove makeup:

One way to remove the makeup quickly and easily is to use baby wipes. Apart from this they can also be used to remove accumulated dust and oil from the face and the neck too. Always keep them in your wallets as they have untold uses apart from the said two uses.

5) Diaper Rash Cream: Perfect intense lip balm:

Diaper rash cream not only keeps the skin elastic but is also a good remedy to treat skin that is prone to rashes and extra sensitivity. It is also a good lip balm and can be used to get smooth and soft lips in winters.

The Baby wash and baby shampoo are also great cleansers on body.

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