Beauty and makeup mistakes that lessen your beauty

Who doesn’t like to look beautiful in this world? And we all know people make lot many efforts to look good and charming and in this bargain-follow lot many beauty tips and use lot many beauty products. In this desire to look beautiful many of us make some common beauty mistakes either knowingly or unknowingly thereby all the efforts of us to look beautiful go in vein. Let us know what are the beauty mistakes that we make and also know what to do to avoid them and get flawless beauty.

Not cleaning the makeup brushes:

Many of us don’t pay attention to properly clean the makeup brushes every now and then. This sluggishness will pave way to lot many skin problems. Every care should be taken to clean the makeup brushes. They should be cleaned at least a week using proper cleansing material or else bacteria that causes many skin problems get accumulated leading to lot many skin problems and infections.

Washing hair every day:

Many are under a constant impression that washing and shampooing hair daily keeps the hair healthy and clean, but actually it is not so. Shampooing the hair daily will remove the natural oils produced on scalp and turn the hair dull and dry. It is enough if hair is washed every three days and incase your hair sweats a lot due to exercise and other reasons use a mild shampoo that has less chemicals and wash accordingly.

Improper use of conditioners:

As in the case with shampooing so is the case with conditioning the hair, people believe that-more the hair is conditioned the healthier the hair is, which is again a misconception. Many people apply conditioner even to the hair roots which actually should not be done. It is enough if conditioner is applied to tips of the hair. Application of conditioner to hair roots will damage the hair growth.

Neglecting the neck:

Many of us don’t take proper care of neck area. Neck too like face adds glow to beauty. Neck should also be nourished with good lotion and moisturizer. Every care should be taken to properly apply the lotions both on front and back parts of neck. The skin near the neck is very delicate and so is prone to lose its color when proper care is not taken. So give equal importance to both neck and face for all round glory.

Hurry-bury makeup:

One of the commonly made makeup mistakes is to finish of makeup hurriedly which should be definitely avoided. Being patient is the first key for perfect makeup finish. One should allow the moisturizer to completely soak in the skin before going for foundation or else moisturizer becomes thin and the makeup fades soon. So every step in the makeup process should be done with proper care and ample time should be given.

Even with case of eyebrow plucking every care should be taken by having good tweezers and also plucking should be done keeping a good mirror infornt.

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