Beat examination stress with these mighty tips

Exams are always not in the interest of the pupil but unfortunately they have to face them. So why not make all the preparations well in advance rather than panicking? Here are some easy tips to reduce stress during exams and prepare for them.

1) Keep the study room as clean and as calm as possible. A clean and calm atmosphere will enhance your productivity and lessen the exam stress.

2) Always stick to one place to study. Changing places frequently will make the mind and body uncomfortable and so the mind cannot concentrate well.

3) Never sleep and study. Sleeping is nothing but sending signals for the mind to take rest and so the mind instead of focusing will start relaxing.

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4) Plan well the schedule and stick ruthlessly to that schedule. Sticking to schedule is half exam work accomplishment.

5) Give the body sleep. Sleep minimum for 8 hours. Along with 8 hours of sleep, spare some time to have a nap during afternoons.

6) If you prefer combine studies, see that you don’t waste your valuable time on gossiping.

7) Take 5 minutes break for every hour, this will recharge you and make you focused.

8) Keep the doors and windows closed, so that you are saved from external disturbances that can easily hamper your preparation.

9) Many students despite knowing that early morning is the best time to prepare will not use this time due to sheer laziness. This should be avoided. According to psychologists, this is the time the brain is active and so can concentrate more.

10) Divide the subjects based on your comfort levels. Say for example if you are weak in mathematics, use your most productive hours of the day to prepare for it and lesser productive works for easier subjects.

11) Diet, this is very important if you wish to combat exams well. Your diet should be all nutritious and all healthy. Eat more of green leafy vegetables, farm fresh fruits. Stay away from non-vegetarian and stored foods.

12) There is a concept called as road blocks, which many of us have heard. To say it in even more simple terms, it is a kind of mental blockade that everyone has while starting new tasks. Same is the case with exam preparation; the mind will not accept the fact that you have to study. It will have all the constraints and make you feel sick to prepare. This is where you have to be very careful and beat this mental trauma or else you can never move ahead.

13) All is well and said regarding what to do before exams? But what will you do on exam day. Be focused, be relaxed and be attentive. Stop preparing before an hour and keep the mind totally free. And one more thing is, never ever try to learn new concepts in the last hour. This will easily worsen the situation.

We have said you how to get rid of exam stress and now it’s your turn to concentrate.

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