Bath with sea salt to smarten the skin

Sea salt since ages has been a fundamental ingredient to enhance beauty. This wonderful product from the nature apart from giving beauty also has many health benefits. The main difference between common salt and sea salt lies in the fact that the former is processed a lot while the later is the byproduct of just evaporating sea water from it. Sea salt is loaded with many minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium and so has many benefits. Here are few sea salt uses for skin when it is added to bathing water.

1) Works like body scrub:

The granules present in the sea salt work as natural exfoliants while the minerals in it leave behind softer skin. So in place of experimenting with bunch of artificial cosmetic exfoliates use this natural exfoliator that is not only effective but also easy on purse. Take olive oil in ½ cup quantity and add it to sea salt (1/4th cup) and mix well. Massage the arms, face, legs, and feet mildly using this, doing so will remove dead skin effectively and naturally.

2) Perfect face toner:

The benefits of sea salt on face need no special mention as many of us are aware of it. Sea salt works as a good face toner as it helps the facial skin to breathe freely. This happens because it deeply cleans the pores. Just add 1 tsp sea salt to half cup of lukewarm water and stir well till the salt dissolves. Use a cotton dab to apply this solution to the entire face leaving off skin area near the eyes. Doing so will make the face glow in no time.

3) Makes the nails brighter:

Sea salt can also be highly effective to make the nails healthier and brighter. Simply take baking soda, lemon juice and sea salt in 1tablespoon each and mix them well in ½ cup of lukewarm water, soak the nails in the solution for nearly 8 to 10 minutes and gently scrub the nails using a supple brush post soaking. This process is the easiest and natural way to remove the dust from the nails. Doing so regularly will make the nails brighter and softer in a single go.

4) Conditions the hair naturally:

Many of us are under the myth that sea salt is highly dangerous to hair but the fact is that it is just the best on hair. The minerals that it has actually benefit the hair. Just add little amount of it to the hair oil that you use and apply this to the hair strands and also on the scalp. Let it stay for nearly twenty minutes and then cleanse it. Doing so will lead to heavier, thicker and bouncy hair and additionally dandruff can also be reduced.

5) Whitens the teeth:

Don’t stop using sea salt just on hair and skin; it even has something useful for your teeth too. Using sea salt will easily remove the stains from the teeth and give back your dazzling white teeth. All you need to do is to use sea salt powder in 1 or 2 tsp to brush the teeth.

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