Basics of correct hair conditioning

We all know the essence and importance of conditioner in giving health and shine to the hair. Regular conditioning of the hair by using a good hair conditioner soon after shampooing hair will leave back dazzlingly beautiful hair. But to get all these benefits of hair conditioning you should know how to use conditioner. Here are few hair conditioning tips.

Never apply conditioner to scalp:

Conditioner is meant for applying on the hair and not for the scalp or hair follicles. When you do the mistake of conditioning the scalp you are directly inviting increased secretion of oil on the scalp and so automatically hair will turn greasy. You may as well get dandruff problems and this will in turn lead to hair fall and itchy scalp. So now knowing all these better don’t condition the scalp.

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Before shampooing:

How to apply conditioner on hair if you have weak hair? Well, it is always a safe bet to apply conditioner before shampooing in case you have weak and thin hair. When you apply conditioner before washing the hair, conditioner will stay back even after shampooing the hair. This will give a voluminous look to hair. This process will even evade split hair.

Colored hair:

As far as how to use conditioner for hair that is colored and dry, it is better to apply the conditioner straight to the scalp. This will let the color stay back to the hair.

Shampoo is not mandate:

Many of us have a feeling that conditioning should be done only after shampooing the hair. But this is not a thumb rule. Conditioning can be done at any time and prior shampooing is not mandated. Regular conditioning will make the hair look shiny and make the hair petal soft. By directly going for conditioning you are saving the hair from side effects of shampooing.

Read the label:

Many of us bluntly buy a conditioner without caring for the ingredients present in it and also not noticing whether it suits our skin type or not. This should be avoided in case you wish to have cent percent benefit from conditioning. When you read the label, check if the conditioner has silicone in it or not. Prefer only such conditioners that don’t have silicone in it. Silicone will split the hair tips and also remove the natural oils from hair strands.

Dry the hair first:

In general many of us condition the hair soon after shampooing and again wash the hair using water. This is a no use process. Instead dry the hair using a towel and apply conditioner. This way you are allowing the conditioner to stick to hair.

Henna-the best conditioner:

Henna is the best natural conditioner anyone can get in this world. This is the only conditioner that comes without any chemicals. Prefer to go for organic henna.

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