Basic first aid rules to follow in medical emergencies

Health problems come without warning and they don’t give you much time to think or respond and this where you should be aware of first aid tips for different types of health hazards. Knowing what to do and how to react when you face some medical emergency will enhance your chances of surviving. Here are few first aid tips to follow for different types of health problems.

First aid treatment for stomach inflammation and chest inflammation:

When you have stomach problems. More importantly with blot don’t sleep on your back. Even if you sleep place a 6 inch pillow behind your head and sleep on your left side of the body. Doing so will stop the acids from getting into the digestive track and this will ward off the chances of heartburn.

Take some kind of antacid; prefer taking it in liquid form rather than a solid form as liquid form will act more quickly.

Chewing a bubble gum is also a best way. By chewing a gum, you are secreting more saliva and this will ease acids present. When this happens acids pass off from the digestive tracks.

Cover the ears with a towel.

Massage lightly on the stomach or placing a warm water bottle on the stomach is also good first aid.

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First aid for giddiness:

Many of us experience giddiness. When this happens to you, the never to forget first aid tips for fainting is to immediately sleep on the floor or bed and lift your legs up. Doing so will increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. Next keep taking deeper breaths. Lift both the shoulders over your head, this will allow the blood present in the shoulders reach the head and will ease giddiness. All these will ease the situation and once you feel you are fine. Don’t straight away get up. Sit for few minutes and once you get up don’t straight away walk, stand for few minutes and then begin walking. Also, don’t keep continuously walking, pause in between. Even despite taking all these first aid precautions if the situation reappears in no time then rush to a hospital immediately.

First aid precautions for heart problems:

Never neglect the pain in chest or heart as these are signs of heart problems. Both the pains indicate that there is a lack of proper oxygen supply to the heart. When you face such situation it is better to place Sorbitrate tablet under the tongue. Before putting drink water by adding 1/4th teaspoon of salt. Taking aspirin is also one best way. It will dissolve the blood clots which arise during a heart attack. Never do the mistake of sleeping or walking, just sit.

Follow this first aid guide and you can save yourself till you reach a hospital and get further treatment.

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