Bariatric surgery: The best way to treat obesity

Obesity not only brings problems to carry day to day activities perfectly but can also play the role of underdog for many diseases. As per researches and studies obesity can lead to many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and joint pains and the list goes on. Then how to reduce obesity? There are many weight loss surgery options but one best sure shot way to reduce obesity and get in shape after trying all the means and ways available is ‘’BARIATRIC SURGERY.’’

What is bariatric surgery?

The process of reducing weight in obese people by surgery is known as bariatric surgery. By effecting changes in the digestive system weight is got down gradually. Once the changes are done people tend to eat less and so they reduce in weight over a period of time. There are no side effects due to this surgery since weight reduction is not done instantly.

Why prefer bariatric surgery?

Many of the non surgical obesity treatments aim to remove accumulated fat in the body and in fact they remove only accumulated fat instead of trying to treat the root cause of obesity. Due to such kinds of treatment procedure people will easily put on weight in less time. But bariatric surgery tries to treat the root cause of obesity and so the chances of adding on weight in the future are literally zero.

Who needs this surgery?

Generally this surgery is needed by….

  • People having BMI exceeding 37.5
  • All the obese people aged between 16 and 65 can go for this surgery

What are the precautions to be taken before surgery?

The patient should first of all be prepared for the surgery both physically and mentally. The weight of the person who is going to undergo surgery should be got down by little extent through diet control. As this surgery is complicated good surgeon and a hospital that has all the equipments should be chosen.

Benefits of bariatric surgery:

This surgery can be highly beneficial to obese people. This is not an operation that focuses on removing fat. It aims at reducing the size of digestive system and as a result the amount of food intake is reduced due to lowered digestion power, so one is benefitted to lose weight on permanent grounds. Gastric sleeve is the main type in this kind of surgery. This surgery is presently being conducted by keyhole (laparoscopy) process. This process is not only safe but also needs less time for recovery. The risks are really less and also do not leave behind any kind of scars.

Benefits of bariatric surgery:

Apart from losing weight permanently it also gives many benefits.

1) If you are suffering from both obesity and diabetes chances are high that you will be cured from diabetic symptoms post surgery. This has been noticed in nearly 60 to 70 percent of people.

2) High blood pressure and sleep apnea can be cured.

3) In women PCOD and period problems are cured.

4) Infertility, knee pain and back pain will pave away.

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