Ayurvedic treatment for gastric problems

Gastric trouble is affecting people these days too much due to many reasons. One of the main reasons is improper eating habits and when this is clubbed with indigestion and constipation, the net result is even higher. Gastric problem not only makes the stomach blot but can also make you sick to eat normally.

What is gastric problem?

To say it in normal language, when the gas that is released during the time of digestion in the stomach cannot escape from the body and stays back in stomach and intestine then it is called as gastric problem. The gas released during digestion normally goes out in the form of burps or through the anus when this does not happen then it will cause gastric problem. When the gas is unable to leave out then it causes respiratory and heart problems as the gas reach the diaphragm. This leads to increased heart beat which many people think it to be a heart stroke.

The food that we eat may not get digested for many reasons and when this happens, the remaining food present in the intestines will rotten and this causes gas in intestines and stomach and makes the stomach bloat.

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Causes for gastric problem in the stomach:

•    Improper eating habits

•    Improper digestion

•    Lack of physical movements

•    Constipation.

Remedies for gastric problem:

Constipation is, in fact, the main reason for gastric problems, so it is always better to see to that the constipation is not present. Also, stay away from heavy works soon after eating. If possible take rest. During eating keep the mind away from stress and anxiety as these will lead to indigestion. The food you take should be boiled instead of frying. Be careful with dairy products they should not contain much fat so that they are easy to digest.

Home remedies for gastric problem:

•    Make it appoint to eat one banana daily before stuffing the stomach with something. Doing so for 15 to 2o days regularly will improve digestion and lessen the gastric problems.

•    Take coriander seeds and dry ginger in equal quantities and make a decoction by heating. Take this decoction daily morning. Drinking this natural decoction will lessen constipation, indigestion and also gas troubles.

•    Take fennel seeds, cumin seeds and Thymol seeds in equal quantities and make a paste. Store this paste and take a teaspoonful of it in a glass of lukewarm water daily in the morning and night soon after meals. This will remove the gas from the stomach and increase easy movement of the bowel.

•    Take 40 grams of raisins; place them in lukewarm water overnight. The next day morning squeeze these, strain and drink. This will lead to free motions.

•    Drink ginger juice by adding little jaggery, doing so will lead to free motions and this leads to gas-free stomach.

All these are not only home remedies but are also ayurvedic remedies for gas problem.

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