Ayurveda: Best bet to cure back pain naturally

Back pain has become common these days for all and more importantly for women. The more worrying factors other than the pain are: should medicines be taken all through life or can surgery be a permanent remedy. Both these two are even not sure as many patients undergo pain post surgery and many people complain about medicinal efficacy. So the best way would be to go for some other treatment alternatives that are not only natural but are also effective. One such treatment is homeopathy. There are many medicines in homeopathy for back pain. Let us see the ayurvedic medicines for back pain apart from knowing the causes and diagnosis of back pain.

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Causes for back pain:

There are many causes of back pain. Whatever the causes back pain can be divided into three types:

•    Short run

•    Medium run

•    Long run

Based on the duration and days a person undergoes back pain, this pain is categorized in one of the three. The causes might be many. In fact, back pain itself is not a disease and at times it connotes some other underlying diseases. Physical stress, mental stress and workload can also lead to back pain according to doctors. When you have back pain for longer duration the causes might be nerve compression, canal narrowing, disc prolapse, disc fractures, spinal TB, arthritis, inflammation of the disc and so on. To generalize the causes they can be divided into three:

•    Systematic diseases

•    Neurological problems

•    Stress tension

How to diagnose back pain?

The only means to diagnose back pain if you have been experiencing it for long time is to go for X-ray, MRI, CT scan and some other tests prescribed by the doctor.

Homeopathy treatment for back pain:

As part of the ayurvedic treatment, medicines are directed to cure joint and bone pains. All the essential facts needed for treatment such as patient’s mental and physical conditions are examined and treated accordingly.

Here are few ayurvedic medicines for back pain:


This is best for people who have joint inflammations, muscle pain, muscle stiffness, and fever along with back pain.


This can be given if you have back pain along with other problems such as nerve related problems and mental imbalances such as fear and anxiety.


This medicine is highly useful when the pain is too severe and does not allow you to move freely. It is also advisable when you have joint and nerve inflammation and pain.


This is highly useful when you have back pain or some other pains caused due to fractures or injuries.

These are few of the homeopathic medicines to be used for back pain. But do remember they cannot be just used as such. You need to take the advice of homeopathy practitioner before taking them for effectiveness.

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