Avoiding these mistakes make you a good manager

The outcome, performance and success of any company depend on how efficient the managers are. The main task of a manager is not only to manage the related functions of a company but also to sink them. When all the works are coordinated then alone a company can run smoothly and expect positive results. All these interlinked works depend on how efficiently the managers are managing the affairs of the company.

Being a manager is not a cake walk and so mistakes do happen in haste, but it is always better if you can avoid some mistakes that generally take place. Here are few mistakes that can be avoided as they are very common…have a look at them and avoid them to be a successful manager, because when known mistakes can be cut to minimum it will be easier to manage other mistakes that may arise without warning. We will list you on characteristics of a good manager and check for yourself whether you have them or not.

Limiting the parameters:

The one common mistake almost all any manager does irrespectively of the rank in the hierarchy is they never dream big. They always keep the goals within the reach, thereby limiting the success and output to what people can do. As a manager, it is your duty to set limits that can actually be achieved with little efforts. Here we are not saying that the sky should be the parameter, we are only saying to keep the tasks just outside the parameter. Say for instance if the team has achieved 30% sales increase for the year, make it some 40 to 50 %, doing so will not only raise the output but will also increase the confidence of the team.

Being lazy in dealing member’s performance:

Remember it takes no time for the smoke to turn into a fire. Ignoring the performance and mistakes of the team members can cause lot much damage, in the long run. Be on time and ruthless in evaluating the performance of your team members, after all, your main duty as a manager is evaluation. There is no evolution of your team unless there is an evaluation. One more advantage, of being active in evaluating the members is, you can guide them from the beginning itself and so major loss is evaded.

Not making use of mails to dissimilate the information:

Make use of mails and all other modes of communication to give information and seek information from your members. Doing so will help you in communicating better and also in guiding better.

Ignoring to recognize and appreciate performance:

As a manager, your duty doesn’t end with backlashing on members for performance. You have to even take the time out to recognize, appreciate and also reward the outcome of your team members. Doing so will build the bonds with the team members and also stir motivation in them to work for higher ends.

Taking The Team’s Credit:

New managers let themselves greedily take credit for their team’s work. Good managers attempt to redirect kudos and credit onto their team, or ideally, individual team members. This makes them quite loved in their team.

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