Avoid Workplace politics: Live peacefully

The workplace is an ideal ground for building stress. No wonder then that workplace-related stress makes up for the maximum number of affected persons. And office politics is the number one cause of this kind of stress. While many would swear that office politics is an integral part of work culture, there is no denying that it does more harm than good. Whether it is an organization or a person, politics may sound like a good idea for small term benefits. But, when it comes to long-term advantages, these are far too less.  Avoiding office politics from the very beginning is the best option available. Let’s see how to do it.

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Share only non-critical info

An office is about working in healthy and friendly information, but it is also a place of competition and co-workers. It is best to share only information that tell you as a person and professional but is not critical in nature. You never know when one of your co-workers may use something to stop your advancement.

Stay in touch with your boss

Your boss is the best means of advancement in your company and it would be in your favor to keep in touch with them constantly. Managers need problem-solvers and not problem creators and keeping your senior in the loop about what you are doing and how are doing will make up for a positive image for you.

Gossip is bad for you, avoid it

Gossip mongers possess negative image in office always. It not only makes one look immature but also office groups start avoiding such people. A big no-no if you work in a team and want to gossip about some of your teammates.

Make friends but be careful

Remember what your mother used to say about making proper friends; well, it holds true even in office. Have social interactions and make friends, but whom you befriend talks a lot about you. Avoid people with negative image and are perceived as inefficient.

Find out any backstabbers

More important than making friends is to find out people who should not be made friends. Every team consists of backstabbers. Stay away from them and make sure that they do not get to have any critical information about you.

Have a low-profile

It is good to be in the good books but trying to always be the talk of the day is not a good thing to do. You could be making up many jealous foes and could well be targeted because of it. It is anytime better to have a low profile and keep yourself informed. Knowing about what the company is doing, what are its plans, how can you choose a career path for yourself, are a better strategy.

Take part in all functions

Take part in all the functions that take place in your office.  Leave aside the fact whether it is from your team or not. Being selective, unless strictly asked for, is not a good idea. It helps you to be seen as a mature company professional rather than a politician.

Follow these simple rules and see the kind of image change that would be beneficial for you.

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