Avoid electrical accidents in bathroom with these safety tips

The bathroom has much importance for us. We use it daily, but we pay a deaf ear to its cleanliness and our safety in it. Especially this leniency can be seen with the usage of electrical appliances in the bathroom. This recklessness with using electrical things in your bathroom can sometimes ask your life. So we should be very careful about this aspect. Here are few safety precautions to take to avoid electric accidents in the bathroom.

•    The first electric safety to follow with bathrooms is to fix all the electrical appliances outside the bathroom to the maximum extent. This is the minimum bathroom electrical layout plan one should follow.

•    It is better to use water heaters outside of the bathroom. Keep an electrical board to use as a connector for heaters. This will easily enhance your safety.

•    It is also a good idea not to use electric hair dryers, electric shavers and also all the appliances that run on current.

•    See the old wires and also check if there are any leaks in wiring. This is very important if you wish to avoid electric accidents.

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•    Always see to that your hands and body are not damp while touching any electrical appliances such as wires and switches.

•    Always try to keep your bathroom dry and water free. Turn off all the taps when not in use and also dispose of the remaining water in buckets and other bathroom appliances.

•    Do not use electric adapters and extensions in the bathroom.

How to use electric heaters safely?

1)    The first thing you should do is to buy a branded and high-quality water heater to avoid mishaps.

2)    When you have bought one now it should be fitted only by a licensed plumber or an expert. Don’t take the risk of fitting it by yourself.

3)    The board you use and also the pipes that are connected to water heaters should be of sky-high quality or else your branded water heater will have no use and will put you in trouble.

4)    As soon as you are done with using the heater turn off the switch to avoid damages and also shocks.

5)    As soon as you notice any trouble and default with your heater stop using it and get the needed corrections and repairs for it.

Bathroom rules for kids to be safe:

1)    Bee very careful with children in a bathroom.

2)    Never allow them to play and roam about in bathrooms as the chances are high that they may slip due to the dampness of the floor.

3)    Keep the toilet material at such a height that children cannot reach them.

4)    Never do the mistake of leaving children alone in the bathroom.

Follow all these bathroom safety tips at home and you can easily avoid accidents in bathrooms.

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