Avocado: The magical fruit for health

When you ask which fruit is essential for a healthy life we will suggest ‘Avocado.’ It is one fruit that has nearly 25 essential minerals and vitamins much needed by the body. Apart from this it is even highly handy in protecting the health of the skin. Here are few other avocado benefits for health and beauty.

1) The avocado nutrition facts are comparatively high with other kinds of fruits as they include A, B, C, E and K. Along with these vital vitamins it also has copper, iron, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

2) This fruit is also highly loaded with protein, fiber, beta-Sitosterol, lutein, and glutathione.

3) It has high amounts of potassium and the body needs potassium to keep blood pressure in control.

4) Are you lean and weak and don’t know how to put on weight and enhance stamina then eat avocados regularly. This is one fruit that has healthy calories in abundance, which are highly helpful in increasing the weight of the body.

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5) This fruit has high role in checking the problems associated with heart strokes. Many studies have found out that it is highly effective in keeping the body away from heart problems and other hypertension related issues.

6) Avocado also has carotenoids lutein, which help in protecting the health of the eyes and assists in proper vision. It also protects us from cataract related as we grow in age.

7) Avacado apart from having the above said vital essentials also has folic acid and vitamin B6. These two regulate homocysteine levels in the body. Controlling homocysteine levels is highly mandated to keep up the heart’s health and save it from heart related issues. These fruits also have monosaturated fats and vitamin E, which are also again useful in keeping the health of the heart.

These are only a few of the health benefits you reap and to be more specific the body benefits in leaps and bounds. Studies are being conducted to know its vitality in protecting the human health. Not only avocado does its own share of benefits to health it also does many things to beauty. Here we go with beauty benefits of avocado.

1) Avocado benefits for skin are too many. It is one of the best natural moisturizers and it moisturizes the skin naturally and also in quick time. Apply this paste on face and rub for few minutes and leave it as such for 10 minutes. Finally use lukewarm water to clean it and see totally moisten face.

2) Eye bags too can be effectively checked using this, all you need to lessen under eye circles and puffy eyes is to cut avocado into slices and place them on eyes for few minutes.

3) It is also useful in removing the dead skin cells. Just make a paste using pulp of it, honey and yogurt. Apply this paste to the skin and wash off after a while. Doing so will leave back glowing and fresh skin.

4) It also does its own beautification to hair. Either consuming it or making some kind of paste will make your hair voluminous and shiny.

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