Attain best appearance with long sleeve dresses

When you are given a chance to pick a new dress so as to celebrate a festival or to attend some important function then you would be very much excited. However, in this excitement you would rather end up in picking something that does not match you. For example, when you have seen some pictures portraying the stylish looks of the women wearing the long sleeves then you would have thought that these dresses would serve well so as to attain a flattering figure for you. While covering the arms and other body parts is good you may even end up covering your good features too that eventually create a matronly impression on you than creating a stylish look. Henceforth it is very much important that you pay attention to the dos and don’t s when selecting the long sleeve dresses.

Highlight special features:

The main reason why women choose the long sleeves is to cover the unattractive arms due to the reason that they are looking odd. Now that you have covered the odd part of your body with the long sleeve dresses don’t you think you should highlight the special features of your body?

Shoulders: You could go with the off-shoulder designs where the dress would be designed with the cut-out shoulder thus enabling you to highlight your shoulders which you believe are good to expose.

Cleavage: This is basically for the purpose of highlighting your neck part. You could go with multiple options like the low scoop neck or the low V-neck that you see in most of the trendy T-shirts or the sweetheart neckline that would surely make you look awesome.

Back: In order to highlight your back it is suggested that you go with the backless long sleeves designs that would have the cut-out back. Not to make the dress odd you could select the medium cut-out back.

Waist: While your arms could be heavy it is possible that you have a thin waist, then why do you want to cover it. Better go with the fit and flare long sleeve dresses or the belted type where the dress would have the belt made of cloth stitched to it gently and make you look gorgeous in this wrapped waistline attire.

Legs: When you think after waxing your legs look real sexy then try to pick those long sleeve dresses that are of mini type and would come up to the knee length thus showing out your legs and thus help you look sexy.

Other designs:

If you do not have any of the above discussed special features then you might have to go with the long sleeves that should cover all the body parts. You could pick the plus-size or tall sizes or the petite designs so that you can attain a flattering figure. The main reason that you should go with these styles is they look perfect on you and none would be able to guess that you are heavy weighted as they do not measure the dress size. Rather they just judge how you look in the dress. Thus choosing long sleeves would let you be on a safer side by having an instant flatter figure.

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