Atkins diet and 4 stages of it

To gain weight is very easy but to lose it is a lifetime mission. But still we find some people shedding weight without much pain and strain. Do you know the secret behind this? It is simple! Diet plan! There are many diet plans that focus on a particular point. One such diet plan that can easily help you lose weight in lesser time and without much pain is Atkins diet. In this present article, we shall see how Atkins diet helps one in losing weight.

What is Atkins diet?

The core concept behind Atkins diet is to control and reduce the sugar levels in the body through the food we take. The base rule is the reduction of sugar in the body. This is what Atkins diet is in brief. The main focus of this diet plan is to reduce sugar and carbohydrate foods and increase protein foods. When this diet plan is implemented in place of sugar, the fat accumulated in the body will turn into energy and get dissolved. This diet plan is spread for 2 weeks.

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When highly refined carbohydrate foods are taken in more quantities the sugar content in the body gets raised suddenly and also reduces suddenly. When there is such a situation in the body, i.e. sudden increase and a decrease in the insulin levels in the body the body is forced to eat more and store more calories than needed. Not only this, the body will also be unable to use the stored calories in the body to turn them into energy. Keeping this in mind Atkins diet disposes carbohydrate foods and embraces protein foods.

This diet has been proposed by American cardiologist Dr. Robert Coleman Atkins and so is called as Atkins diet. It has four phases. Let us see each one of phases of Atkins diet in detail.

First phase:

The first phase consists of reducing 20 percent of the calories that enter the body through carbohydrate foods. The carbohydrates should reach the body mainly through foods less in starch such as salads and vegetables.

Second phase:

The second phase consists of taking extra carbs that are rich in nutrition and fiber. The carbs should be taken 25 grams per each day for a week. You can take nuts and also fruits and vegetables that are less in carbs.

Third phase:

During this phase, one should take healthy carbs as much as possible and keep the weight under control.

Fourth phase:

It is not a phase to be strict. In this phase, you try to maintain the weight and change the diet plan if there are any changes in weight.

All the foods such as cool drinks and junk foods should be kept at bay. Meat foods can be taken but with limitation.

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